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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Another NyQuil Night ...................OR.................. ........ Bring On The Fever Dreams!!!!!!......."

Good Afternoon;

Well the yawning was only a false alarm last night/this morning. I could not get to sleep until 6:30 am., and then only for an hour before what appears to be a mild case of the intestinal flu woke me up and had me running to the bathroom at the Giant like a candy assed baboon!
A few hours of repeated trips to either the restroom or the privacy of the bushes followed, depending on which end suddenly became the current point of exit for everything I had ingested over the past 24 hours or so.
I was able to fall asleep when things settled down about 11:00 am., and slept for about 2 & 1/2 hours. After just sitting here wrapped in the sleeping bag and sipping Pedialyte and nibbling on some crackers things are stabilized and my stomach, while still queasy is over the worst of it. Now there seems to be a herd or viruses..(virii?..lol!)..migrating up into the sinus regions and setting up shop while playing 'Cora Di Zingari' AKA 'The Italian Gypsy Chorus'....or as it is familiarly know in English...'The Anvil Chorus', in multiple part percussive harmony during an aerial bombardment in the midst of a thunderstorm while inside an iron foundry! I swear my corneas are vibrating!

While it has only rained hard for a short time since it started before dawn, there has been a steady drizzle with occasional showers all day, making for a clammy damp atmosphere, and now according to the the doppler radar map on The Weather Channel's hour by hour forecast with 15 minute interval detailed breakdowns....there is a heavy rain and possible thunderstorm headed this way within the hour. As is obvious, I postponed my doctor's visit to the clinic today, no way was I going to be caught stranded on the bus stops when the need arose to get to a bathroom, right there and then or else! And now I hear the rain beginning to increase in intensity...so maybe Thursday or Friday, depending on the amount of snow that falls up in Monkton, which is in the Northern half of Baltimore County, in what is called the 'Hereford Zone', and is on the other side of the climatic divide where the weather is influenced more by the mountains than the ocean, (and the Chesapeake [and Delaware] Bays).

Oh hell, the little rubber 'tit' that goes between the [missing] right arrow key and the actual pressure switch just came off. I've got to be sure not to lose it and hope that Super Glue has emerged from whatever box it was packed up in at Jenn's tomorrow....it would be a real pain in the butt having to use a toothpick every time I needed to use it....lol.

Anyway, now I've started coughing and my throat tickles. I'm going to the Giant in the next lull in the rain, so I don't get soaked and make whatever I'm coming down with worse, and get some hot soup and a bottle of Powerade, and fill my water bottle and come back in here and wrap up and do some shots of NyQuil or it's equivalent and try to knock this out of my system by tomorrow morning.


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