Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Just A Bad Day, Cont'd............................With A Happy Little Lift At The End..................."

Good Evening;
To continue....
As I was heading towards the Light Rail to 'get outta Dodge' before the cops showed up, (it seems there was an "anonymous" complaint about an 'aggressive panhandler'), a friend stopped and asked if I wanted a ride to Mt. Washington. Of course I accepted.
As we were approaching Northern Pkwy. ON I-83 and the traffic thinned out a bit and speeds increased, I was gradually coming off the adrenaline buzz from my little confrontation.
Or so I thought!!!!!!, when with no warning his right front tire suffered an..."explosive decompression at speed"!, and we sliding sideways up the JFX! Luckily my friend, (who does not wish his name published), was able to get us to the shoulder safely, with no spinning out, slamming into the car next to us or hitting the Jersey Wall. After I changed the tire, (it would have taken way too long for him to unclench his fingers and remove his hands from the steering!), he dropped me at the Light Rail station on his way home, (I asked if he wanted a cup of coffee with me, but he mumbled something about needing clean!) and I walked over on rubbery legs to the Starbucks.

I sat there for a while, started this post and drank my water and took some of the new Mucinex Nasal Pressure Relief far-so good! When I was on the way out I heard Katie call me, and when I turned back she had a bag of marked out breakfast sandwiches for me. What a nice surprise and right on time too. She truly is one of the sweetest and kindest young ladies who has worked there.

So my fingers are cold and I'm going to go to sleep and try (again!) to get out early to get some cash. I need my monthly disability bus pass-$16.50, fresh deodorant and disposable razors-about $6.00, and I desperately need new undershorts-about $12.00, not to mention as much as I can acquire for Chanukah presents for Rachel. Plus scraping up enough for food for the week, and $100.00 for meds. Hopefully the D.S.S./S.S.A. paperwork fiasco will be straightened out by January...but I doubt it, February is much more likely, based on their 'past performance'

Anyway....the 'sinus' part of the meds are starting to kick in...and they are not 'non-drowsy'..goodnight all,


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