Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Last Post....Last Thoughts...."

Good Evening;
Well the last post of 2011 and I really don't feel like writing anything tonight.
I want to thank everyone for reading and following and commenting. I am especially grateful to those of you who chose to buy copies of 'Talespinner' and hope you found it both enjoyable and edifying.
Much gratitude also goes out to the folks who were moved to offer gifts or donations after reading or after meeting and talking with me.

(And Thank You, Blue, for the surprise gift last night of the Starbucks gift card, very appropriate since we only see each other here almost every But seriously, I'm touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity.)

Last night walking to the gas station before bedtime I came across a yellow legal pad filled with notes, specs, and details relating to bids and proposals for a contracting business, as well as some printed bids, invoices, and RFPs. On the letterhead of some of the paperwork was the name and e-mail and phone # of the V.P. of the contracting company. As my last 'good deed' of 2011 I sent him an e-mail letting him know I found all his notes etc. and if he wanted/needed them back to please contact me by e-mail and we could figure out where to meet. And I also asked him to stop and consider how much time, money, and aggravation having them back would save him, and that I would not be insulted if he wanted to pass along a finders, but that I'd be happy to return everything to him no matter what. I would have called the business phone number, but I'm out of minutes until tomorrow sometime, and out of money except for bus fare for Sunday the 1st, until.....????????

Anyway, I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Years Eve and best wishes and for a healthy and prosperous 2012.....
(as long as it lasts until the Mayan calendar ends, and so does the

After borrowing the phone and a quick call to Rachel, I'm heading back to the shed after closing here and I'm just going to crawl into the new bag and watch TV until the battery dies, (which should be about 1:00 am.), and listen to all the ghetto morons shooting off their guns into the air at Midnight, then read until the flashlight gives up the ghost.  I have had half of a pint bottle of vodka that I have not been in the mood to drink for about 5 weeks that I may mix with something and have a cocktail as the Ball drops in Times Square, and a doughnut (if the Dunkin Dumpster has any fresh to celebrate....
or....sit in the gas station with Daniel if I want company, watching the drunks stumble in and out, then get pulled over by the cops as soon as they drive off....Reisterstown Rd. is not the place to drink and drive!!!

(unless anybody has a better offer..1 minute left on the


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