Friday, December 30, 2011

Bus Trippin'..............................."

Good Evening;

Well I ended up catching the #53 to Old Ct.Station and the first train was heading East so I got off at the Plaza station and caught the #27 bus to Mt. Washington. So far so good, the half-caf coffee is staying put as is the Healthy Choice ham and chicken deli slices on light rye, (w/mayo....but that's a given no matter what!! ).....all systems nominal!

Overheard on the bus:
Old black woman gets on and says,"What a dirty bus, and it's late too. I guess 'THEY' [her emphasis] don't care about us black folks.", while looking directly at me. Not wanting to start a confrontation or controversy, being the only white person on the bus, I just snorted silently and laughed to myself while composing an internal monologue(s) of how I would reply if I were to do so, both rational and

I then heard another black woman speak up and say
" This bus just came out of the garage...with a black service crew, a black cleaning crew, a black supervisor who signed it off as acceptable, and a black driver who signed it out as cleaned and that he did a walk through and that there were no abandoned bags or packages, or bottles, trash or damages. So why you staring at the white man, sister? Stop trippin'. We gotta start admitting to ourselves that our own attitude's gotta change and not yell prejudice or racism at every situation. Not sayin' the playin' field is always level, but the more we ignore the fact that sometimes we ARE at fault, the less people of any race are going to take seriously claims made when something IS unfair!"
Then the normal bus chatter picked back up as if nothing was ever said, one guy "wishing everybody happy holidays....except snitches....", and the second woman looked up at the sky and shook her head, and over at me and rolled her eyes.
I decided it was safer and wiser to exercise my Miranda rights at that time.

Anyway, it's 6:30 pm. and no negative reactions to the test bites and sips of the above mentioned food and coffee, so it's dinner time. I'm going to take my meds with food also, just in case, because certain combinations on an empty stomach are contra-indicated.


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