Saturday, December 17, 2011

"C.W.S.!! ..=.. Iteration 13,297 ... Space Invaders Needing Odor Eaters .... Dr Frankenstein's Easy Bake Oven .... C.W.S.!! ..=.. Iteration 13,298.."

Good Evening;
Well it's freaking cold and getting colder tonight!
Last night was pretty cold too, around and hour and a half before dawn when I was given the old familiar...
"I've been giving you fair warning for an hour or more....but you just laid there....either get up.....NOW!......OR ELSE!"
....ultimatum from my bladder. Once I fought my way awake and out of the tangled ruins of the sleeping bag, it was near impossible to get warm and back to sleep for coinciding periods.
Then the zipper on the side of the bag decides to separate and slowly open in stealth mode from mid chest to calf. so when I roll over I'm not only exposed and cold, when I move to roll over and get out different parts of my body seek different openings and standing up resulted in sitting back down...on my face!....owwwwww!

I eventually gave up trying to nap and got up, dressed in fresh but cold clothes and wandered over to the Giant and killed an hour and a half just goofing off in the store. After that, the bus to train, to train, to here at the coffee shop. It has been chilling down all day, and every time the door opens I get a colder and colder blast of air.

Which is a good thing right now! There is a couple to my right, decently dressed in clean looking clothes, using a laptop on what looks like college studies, at a graduate level, and speaking what sounds like a combination of French and ???? a Mediterranean language from the Asian side of the lake.
Now, I really don't care where you come from, but damn, if you are going to live here learn about the American cultural norms. Everyone is always crying about diversity and Americans trashing other cultures in other lands, but if you are here, and you are going to come into a place where food and drink is served, and there are communal tables.....
and you are NOT homeless and unable to do so....(HA!!!)
.....then follow our customs and freakin' wash your body and your ass!
Don't dump gallons of cheap-ass perfume on yourselves, man and woman!, so you reek double strength and flavored, and twice as bad!
The fact that the whole damn room got up and moved away should tell you something!

Thank goodness I'm 'upwind' o' them and 'downwind o' the door!

And for all those fainting at my lack of PC.....sorry, it goes for Americans of all stripes too. Now I'm gonna piss you all off again, but I don't care, because except for certain days when the temps breached the 100+ mark.....I managed not to exude a funk that could be smelt from 8 feet away.....UPWIND!

(And shoot me but I think 'foreign funk' is worse, and I've sampled, prison, ghetto, junkie, and jail funk of Americans!)

Rant over!

I'll be back here tomorrow afternoon, at some point, unless I can find someplace else to crash tonight and not have to leave until after the Raven's game tomorrow night,......if!

Monday I HAVE to get to JAI, ...NO EXCUSES..... my BP is starting to bug me....even though hypertension is known as "The Silent Killer", there are symptoms to look for that can be recognized from person to person, if you are aware that you have prior knowledge of your condition.
On me, it's the edema and pain in my ankles, (separate from the joint issues), and the sometimes throbbing and pounding in that chunk of tissue that grows back and acts as a shield or baffle over the ear canal, you know what I mean, don't know what it's called but everytime you see someone with a piecing there, as opposed to the lobe or 'shell', you

Monday night Jenn is picking me up here at closing and dragging me back to East Bumfuc....I mean Monkton to act as a distraction and run interference between her and Devin so she can get some baking done.......with "help" from tiny fingers.....and "secret" additions to the batter if Jenn turns her
Yeah well, we all know that it's not much of a stretch for me to work on 3 year old's!
I think I'm gonna make her get some extra ingredients to double the yield and leave us a batch to make our own "creations"......
Sugar cookie dough, food coloring, toys as cookie cutters....
and me and a 3 year old in the kitchen...
'Zombie-princess-kitten-elves' anyone!


Ooooh, sweet stuff to go.....Thanks 'Ant'Knee'
Lemon squares and Banana Chocolate Chip cake intercepted
on the way to the garbage can.
Carbo-load for the shivers if needed tonight...
34 degrees now, feels like 31
low of 30, feeling like 27, tonight and tomorrow night
High of 41, feeling like 35 tomorrow



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