Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Waiting....But Not For Godot, .........................Countryside Bed & Bath..........................."

Good Evening;

Well I'm here at the coffee shop killing time and waiting for a call from Jenn or closing time....whichever comes first.

I'm getting picked up by her, sometime, somewhere tonight and going to their place in Monkton to shower and wash clothes, (the things I did not wash already today not knowing this opportunity would arise), and crash. She is at a family party and not sure what time they are leaving. If I do not hear from her by 9:00 PM. when the Starbucks closes I'm walking over to the Light Rail and taking the train to the end of the line at Hunt Valley. Where hopefully we will meet up when or soon after the train gets there. If the party runs late, (and hopefully it won't be too late because the kids are with them), I guess I'll camp out in the Mickey Ds right across the parking lot until...???????.

Tomorrow they are leaving Monkton early, (9:00 am.), for church back here in the city and dropping me off at the coffee shop or Light Rail and Rachel and I are going out from there. Not sure what or where, it depends on the time I get here, but an early movie is a high probability.

So I have my bus pass, deodorant, and half the laundry washed and dried, a fair start on my list of 'to dos'.
Last night was pretty cold, 28 degrees and I'm not fully rearranged for freezing or below temps. so when I kicked the 'pocket' I created in the foot of the blanket off my feet, they got that weird "hot-numb-tingly-cold" feeling and sleep was a mix of in and out, with very little rem sleep. My eyes feel 'sandy', and I REALLY!!!!!! need this shower for a couple reasons.

News Flash: Jenn just texted me-"Stay at Starbucks, should be there before or slightly after closing time"

Well that makes life easier. That's it for now.


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