Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Raw Beef And Homemade Cookies A Christmas Feast Doth Make".................

Good Afternoon;
So I'm sitting here at the coffee shop about to eat lunch/breakfast (85/15Ground beef on sale and $1.50 off at Giant....'steak tartare !!!' )and trying to watch the Ravens beat Cleveland on the portable digital TV. The problem is with digital as opposed to analog is that the signal is there or not, l or 0, on or off, so with the little magnetic antenna and the thick brick and stone walls of the old mill, and all the moving people here, I'm having trouble keeping the reception constant. Window seat is open....gonna slip over and check that out.

Nice, good as cable in this spot!

Well I stopped at RiteAid and my scripts were ready and waiting and I downed the BP pill then and there, and  the others a bit later when I got some water to wash them down. I can already feel the difference, and the diuretic in the BP meds is working quite well...maybe TOO!

Tom stopped by with a bucket of Jenn's homemade cookies, some clothes that washed for me, my travel mug, and a Chankkah/Xmas gift from them and the kids.
"Ones size fits all, always in season, always!"

They close here at 6:00 pm. and unless someone comes up with a better offer, it's ride the trains until it's time to try to sleep. 
I miss the electricity in the shed..  :-(
Even though there's no heat, with light it seems warmer someow.

Back before I leave at 6:00 pm.....


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