Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Pressure Is Rising.........Everybody Clear.....It's Gonna Blow!............."

Good Evening;
Well I'm back here at Starbucks for a bit before heading back to the shed for the first time since Jenn picked me up here on Monday night.......and of course the rain has started. 
I came down with some sort of lousy fever inducing, head pounding, sleep preventing 'bug' that lasted until late this morning. I didn't really feel "sick" as much as feeling like warmed over, then chilled down, 'crap!'
Stomach, bowels, throat, sinuses, eyes, ears, muscles, joints, glands, and a constant throbbing inside my skull, echoed by the high pitched squeal of an excited/angry/happy/bored/"insert mood here"/... 3 and 1/2 year old.
I'm still somewhat queasy, but I got a little sleep and a respite from my own private "Occupy" movement.....(the words private and movement should give you a hint as to where and what I was '!)'s closing time and I've got to pack up. I'm guessing that there is still no electricity in the shed so I'll be back tomorrow from the library or here.

And it's JAI or die tomorrow, I HAVE to get BP meds because I' don't want to try to deal with the holidays without them in this mental state......
which has me wanting to relieve the pressure with an icepick straight through the ear!


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