Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Pass It On Down The Line............................"

Good Afternoon;
Well it got cold last night and windy too!
(Cold Weather Sucks...!)
When I was on the way back to the shed from the gas station about 11:30 pm. I saw a guy I have seen sleeping on the buses and trains before huddled in the scant protection of the bus shelter curled up and shivering. When I asked him if everything was ok he told me that some young punks had jumped him, slapped and shoved him around, and trashed all of his possessions, just for laughs. I asked him to wait there and went back to the shed and grabbed some of the old and too small...("wish clothes" I can't wear but never threw out, and the two thinner blankets I don't need anymore since I got the quilt and new bag, and took them over to him, along with a monthly bus pass for December that someone had given me, and a bag of doughnuts I had scavenged from the Dunkin Dumpster earlier. At that point the bus pulled up and he got on to go to the subway and I went back to the shed.

After the TV battery died after watching the 2 episodes of 'The Office' and 1 of 'My Name Is Earl', I fell asleep until dawn, when I took my morning meds and went back to sleep.
I'm leaving the library now to catch the bus to the train to the light rail to meet Jenn in
Hunt Valley and then back to her place to watch the grandmonsters tonight, shower, and wash clothes. I may be back tonight after they have not killed!


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