Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Just A Bad Day............................."

Good Evening;
Well...I'm sitting here at the coffee shop drinking an ice water because the last thing I need is caffeine mixing with all the adrenaline that is running through my system right now. My stomach doesn't have 'butterflies' but more like a flock of vultures fighting over fresh carrion!

I got out about 3:00 pm. and stopped at the Quiznos to eat, (having no food, foodstamps, nor cash...but enough for 2 meals on the Q card, with the coupons I received.), then caught the bus to the subway. Where I waited 40 minutes for the train because the system was having 'troubles', watching the sun set and daylight rapidly fade. I eventually got to the light rail and down to Camden Yards and went over to the corner of Conway St. ans got out the chocolate bars and the sign.

I then found out why that corner was empty at the time....extremely short red lights and very bad glare from headlights, (which made it impossible to see if someone was waving me over).
I left there after 15 minutes and took the light rail up to North Ave. and I-83 where I again set up and was starting to have some good luck. Until this thug type comes up and tells me I have to leave, that he just got out of Central Booking and was taking 'his' corner back. Well...if he had asked me and told me his story, I probably would have yielded gracefully....but he got in my face and threatened me, which kicked in 'fight or flight mode', (and adrenal discharge # 1). I had my screwdriver in my pocket and pressed it up against his abdomen as he pushed up on me, telling him to BACK THE F*CK OFF! Never having learned to fight in the manner of the street culture where one trades punches until the other gives in and capitulates, but only in the style that says "If you think you're going to get whatever is necessary to make the other person unable to do so", I just backed him off, gathered my bags and backed away, until I was out of range and sure he was not coming after me. I thought about crossing to the other corner, but seeing him knocking on windows as cars pulled up, I did not want to be around when the cops showed up.....

times up here.....more in a while


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