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Friday, December 2, 2011

"Don't Ask----Don't Tell..............."

Good Afternoon;

So..just for sh*ts and giggles I called the 1-800 # for my Independence card account last night about 12:20 am., knowing that there would be no money there. I damn near sh*t myself giggling when I heard the recorded voice tell me there were $xxx.xx available. Having spoken to D.S.S. that morning and being told "no, nada, nothing" I do not know if this was an error on their part or the problem was fixed.....and I'm not going to ask until next year!
After pulling most of it out, just in case, I went to the Giant and bought lunch, about 11:00 am., and a cup of real coffee. I spent some time just sitting in the sun enjoying a nice fall day, until it was time to take some more sinus meds, which I had to go back to the shed for, having forgotten them.

I came over here to the coffee shop after calling JAI and asking what the waiting room looked like, and was told don't even think about it. I'll have to hit it Tuesday, (NEVER on a Monday), because I need my BP meds prescription renewed ASAP.

Tomorrow....Jockey shorts! And finding SOMEWHERE to shower, if I cannot do so tonight. Feign interest in a gym membership, take the free tour, shower, and tell the poor salesperson to save their pitch because I don't want to waste their time...????....maybe!
Anybody want to trade the use of their bathroom facilities for some cappuccino & conversation?.....I'm buying. Call me, E-mail me,
"Have Bus Pass-Will Travel"
Can't stop by the college and walk in the gym anymore after all the damn psychos and their crazy sh*t on campuses. And I am not familiar enough anymore with any condos with pools or health clubs to walk in as if I belonged like I used to do.
I did the best I could do yesterday with a handful of the sanitizing wipes you can get at the entrances to the food stores and a bunch of paper towels. Even though folks I've asked who will tell me the truth say I don't smell funky, I feel that way still.

Tentative plans for Sunday revolve around Rachel. If I can get her mother to drop us off, we are going out to the Owings Mills 17 movie theatres to catch the "$6.00 before Noon" showing of...
Puss In Boots?
Jack And Jill?
Happy Feet 2?
And then head to lunch somewhere cheap.
It is supposed to be nicer Sunday than Saturday, by 6-10 degrees so waiting for buses should not be too bad.

Anyhow....it's almost 5:00 pm., time to eat the food I bought hours ago for 'lunch',


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