Friday, December 23, 2011

"Doctor Love's Traveling Salvation Show....................."

Good Evening;
Well I slept last night, rain and all, even having to get up and pee 8 times between Midnight and 9:00 am. I still got some rest.
I passed out somewhere between the theme song and opening credits of "That 70s Show", and the TV played on until the battery died.

I stopped at the Library to get books to read on the train over Xmas eve and and Xmas, when I'm not here at the Starbucks.

After that I stopped at Quiznos and ate, using the rest of the balance on the gift card I was given. I went to JAI after wards arriving about 3:00 pm. and seeing the doctor about 4:45 pm. I actually watched a Dr. Phil episode, and it was actually worth watching. It was about a polygamist family in Utah that was the subject of the book "Love Times 3", and except for their choice of marriage were as 'normal' as any other typical American extended family.
Part of the reason they exposed themselves to public scrutiny was to combat the idea that all polygamists are like the sick bastard Warren Jeffs and others who abuse 14 and 12 year old girls and have incestuous relations with their own offspring.

Anyway, I spent a good 30 minutes with my doctor, who is really awesome and inspires me to want to take better care of myself and instills a feeling that I really can make changes in my life, that it's not too late.
(Whether that survives to be put into practice is where things usually fall apart.)

She sent all my prescriptions online to the RiteAid so I should have BP, reflux, and back meds by the morning.
I also got new referrals to the shrink and the addiction coordinator, (for legit source of 'bupes'), and a gentle chiding and encouragement to act on them, as opposed to browbeating and ultimatums.

As I was on the way out she turned to me and said "I hope you aren't offended by this..." and thinking she was talking about recent comments or was about to offer advice or opinion, or spiritual words, said "no, of course not".....and was left momentarily without words to further reply when she slipped a $20.00 into my hand and wished me Happy Hannukah! and expressed that she believed in me and that things would get better!
Floored doesn't begin to cover how I felt, not seeing, nor expecting anything like a gift of this nature.

Damn good thing we already discussed my tendency to 'transference' and psychological preference and need of female 'caregivers'!

Time to pack up, I'm going to be here sometime tomorrow, Xmas eve, after 10:00 am. when I am supposed to meet my son-in-law Tom and get a little cash, my Xmas/Hannukah  gift that Jenn told me to expect before I left....but the bank clearing a deposited check for them, never got the message! That should give money to eat on the rest of the year and  to get Rachel the rest of the Hannukah gift I promised her, (glitter paints and a big pad of art paper).



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