Sunday, December 25, 2011

"Happy Chinese Food And Movie Day!...................."

Good Afternoon;
Well it's 40 minutes to close here at Starbucks and one of the barristas is putting the chairs stools on tables so they can save a whole 5 minutes when they lock the doors and finish cleaning up. Would not even mention this but when you are sitting at a table and surrounded by upended chairs......well, things like poor customer service, tacky, and childish come to mind. Especially when the manager has requested that they should wait until 10 of or so when the place is empty or nearly so.
Nice person, but....

So...last night I slept for a total of nearly 10 hours! Interrupted only once by the 'urge' around 4:10 am., when I also took the full complement on morning meds for the first time in close to a month.
It was about 1:10 am. when I looked at the time and closed my eyes for '25 minutes'....ha!, and 11:00 am. when I got up and out. 

One of the reasons I slept so good was the new, (to me), sleeping bag and huge, thick, soft, & fluffy quilt that Pauline, one of the regulars at the gas station who stop in and sit and play the Keno or Racetrax lottery games, gave to me. We had talked the night before about the deteriorating conditions of the shed and my sleeping bag's steady decay and she said she had one and a quilt that she had been planning to give someone, who no longer needed it, and would I like it. Well after a polite version of "hell yeah!!!!!!!", we made plans to meet last night.
WARM is almost inadequate to describe how comfy I was last night!
The biggest problem is figuring out how to fold and arrange everything to fit and lay!

Anyway, gotta pack up, see you tomorrow, and hope everyone has had a happy and safe holiday weekend.


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