Thursday, December 29, 2011

"The Wobblies........................."

Good Afternoon;
Well Just a short post for now because I'm sitting at the lone high top table by the window and the Sun is shining in my face and it's quite painful on the eyes, and when I can block it out I can't see the screen for the glare, and this table was either put together improperly or it is defective because it wobbles like a drunken sailor on shore leave.
The reason I came over here is because the outlets at each seat under the long bench by the wall suddenly stopped working, all 7 of them. When asked to check the circuit breakers, the reply was we have no control over the electricity. If the whole store went out, that is probably true, but there has to be a circuit breaker box in the back somewhere, not only by code/law, but common sense.

Anyway....spent last night at Jenn's watching the kids while she and Tom went out to dinner and a movie, her Xmas present from him...'a date night'.
Showered and did laundry and ate some leftover Christmas Steak, (and cookies too.), and was shown and played with all the things Santa left for the grandmonsters. 
I had major difficulty sleeping due to an episode of severe lower back pain, meds did not work, even at the maximum dose I was willing to chance, above and beyond normal. I had just fallen asleep when all 4 cats began to yowl and spaz out so I gave them all a little bot of dry cat food to shut them up and lay down on the floor and passed out. 10 minutes later I heard Jenn stumbling and mumbling around and doing the same thing...the sneaky, lying, feline bastards had started to rock and roll in her bedroom among all the boxes and woke her up.

I looked at the time and it was quarter to five so I took my morning meds and the combination let me sleep for 3 hours. Once I realized it was Xmas vacation for Ed I was able to doze off and on until we all got up about 10:00 am. After a quick cup of coffee and packing my bags we piled into Tom's car and I got dropped of at the Hunt Valley light rail stop....(after we turned around halfway there and had to go back to the house because Tom forgot his insulin and necessary equipment)....and they went to Jenn's aunt's house and then out to see various train gardens at firehouses and ???.

It's been a messed up couple days, between the pains and somehow losing $20.00 that I cannot account for and did NOT spend, and the onset of the expected downhill slide of my depressive cycle. I called a shrink from the referral list given me by my doctor to make an appt. and was told to call back on the Monday, the 2nd of January, so that is up in the air, as is the walk-in to JAI's Monument St. office to meet with the addictions coordinator/facilitator to find a prescribing doctor for some meds.

With just $6.00 and no electricity in the shed it is shaping up to be a very quiet, very slow New Years Eve, and Day. I have no real interest in any partying, but would like to find a nice and calm place to hang out with some likeminded folks or even alone.

Okay...I'm done on the laptop.....

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