Monday, December 5, 2011

"No Plan Ever Survives Contact With The Enemy!.........................First Law Of Military Tactics........And Parenting!......"

Good Morning;
So just a quick update before I turn the light out and try to get some much needed rest/sleep.
Jenn and the grand monsters picked me up just past 9:00 pm. last night on their way home from her mother's family's annual Family Christmas Party, (caps's that big of a, and we all went back out to East Bumfu......, I mean Monkton to their new home. By the time the kids got put to bed and I got out of a desperately needed shower, and Tom got home from a DJ gig in D.C. and the three off us got to sit down, eat, and talk it was after Midnight. By the time I got my clothes out of the old, slow, but efficient, washing machine and into the dryer it was almost 2:00 am. and Jenn and Tom had just fallen asleep. I, however, after suffering what I thought was a fully grown, ripe, and spiky pineapple passing through my poor abused colo-rectal system, due to a change in dosage of one of my meds that had me bound up tighter than "a bull's ass in fly time" as the expression goes, spent the next 3 hours getting up from the recliner and running to the bathroom for the totally 180 degree opposite reason...... And who the hell knows why? Change of meds, reaction to the well water, maybe even the body rejecting the "foreign substance" that it's not used to dealing with....namely an actual hot, juicy, greasy and delicious McDonalds 1/3 lb. Angus Bacon Cheeseburger that it has not dealt with in a couple years.....??
Anyway, it was a restless night, Jenn even said I didn't even snore/choke/stop breathing as I usually do from the sleep apnea!
Plans were supposed to be, getting up and out and on the road by 9:00 am. so that they could get in town to church, and I could get dropped off in Mt. Washington to be picked up by Rachel and her mother to be dropped off at the movies....HA! I called the 'ex' the FIRST time at 9:30 am. saying we had not left the house yet, and would probably be getting there just in time to be dropped off to make the 11:55, the last one with the $6.00 ticket price. At 10:30 am. I called and said I'll call you whenever we leave here, but the movies are a goner for today, Rachel and I will do lunch and figure something out when I get there.
So it's Noon + :30 when I call to say I'm here drop her off.
Now in the rushing around to leave Monkton I felt as if I was forgetting something. I was abot to go back down into the basement to look when it was pointed out to me that 'Porch Cat' had raided my Giant bag, (one of the neon green reusables, that I keep my foods in), and had dragged out and ripped into a package of hamburger buns,(which are cheaper and hold up better than a loaf of bread with all the moving around I do), and was eating them as if he had not been fed in weeks...the fat slob eats 3 times a day! I have never seen a cat eat bread like that! He nailed at least 2 whole buns, maybe more!
Well this distracted me and in the commotion of getting the car loaded and the kids strapped in etc., I never looked for my hat, saying, I'll get it Wednesday when I'm coming back to monster-sit anyway.
So...when Rachel gets dropped off and I'm leaning in her mother's car to talk to her, I notice a familiar tightness in the right rear quadrant of my jean is missing, I reach back to find....NO WALLET!
At that point I remembered where my hat was...on the bookshelf downstairs at Jenn's, 45 minutes away, with my wallet in it...along with all my money except $0.76 in coin, and my bus pass. Yeah, greatttttttt!
So Rachel and I ended up hanging out at Starbucks all afternoon and I scraped up enough to get her a kids hot chocolate with lot of whipped cream. I had a package of Keebler Fudge Coated Vanilla Creme Wafers and the remains of a bag of Halloween size candy bars that Jenn had given me, (Almond Joy & Malt Balls that nobody there liked...everybody in her family hates which Rachel and both love), so we had a 'Chocolate Lunch'
We played on the computer at, one of her favorite sites, and found a pinball game among the games programs on the laptop...she's a budding 'wizard' too.
She had brought a bag of markers, paper, scissors, glue stick, and a 'paper pizza' she had colored and cut into wedges, and she and another little girl she made friends with cut out paper dolls and a cat and I made a tent for them and they played for a good long while, as I read the paper.
All in all it was as good a day as we would have had at the movies, which are postponed until after I deal with some appointments Monday - today- and I get to the doctor's Tuesday, then depending on the rain the rest of the week, and when Jenn is picking me up Wednesday.......etc. Maybe even until next weekend.

Jenn and family had went to Hampden to watch the Mayor's Christmas Parade, and pulled up to pick me up at the same time Rachel's mother did, just before dark. I rode back to Monkton and ended up sitting around for about 90 minutes or so until Tom was heading to Home Depot and dropped me at the Hunt Valley Light Rail terminus. I got to Mt.Washington in time to catch the 8:50 pm. bus, which is an hour later than I usually do on Sunday, (normal M-Sa time), which got me to the Plaza Subway station about 20 after 9:00 pm. and a 35 minute wait until the next bus allowed me to finish the novel I was reading so I got off at the library, walked to the Giant for a delicious and healthy dinner of day old reduced crullers, then to the gas station where the KENO gods smiled upon for the first time in weeks and I walked out $15.00 ahead...underwear money!!!!....LOL!

Then back here to catch the news and write this and bed.....only 90 minutes after I had It's 2:29 am.....
Good Night!!!!!!!!!


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