Monday, December 5, 2011

"Cold Feet....... Raw Fish.... Fine Coffee...... Unconditional Love...... Lost Data........ Mythdirection...... Hot Glass......."

Good Evening; was a pretty good day, all things considered. After waking up at the crack of 8:44 am. with an urgent need to get to the bathroom....or else, I made some phone calls and found out I did not need to be in East Baltimore until 1:30 pm. So I just went and lay down for a couple hours to make up for the sleep I did not get last night because I just could NOT get warm, especially my right foot.
It was cold, about 32 degrees, but not bitterly so, but my foot had gotten cold while I was dressing for bed and never warmed up.....until the time of the above urgent summons to the bathroom!
Even with going back to sleep I accomplished the one major task I HAD to do, which was getting a new 20 day supply of 'bupe' while I had the money.

Rachel called while I was on the train and we had a nice long talk, and I told her as soon as I found out from Jenn what the arrangements for Wednesday afternoon and night and Thursday morning were, (I'm monstersitting in Monkton again), I'd let her know when we were next going out.

After that I ended up at the coffee shop about 2:30 pm. and killed time until my friend Michelle got off work at 5:30 pm. and joined me for lattes and sushi. We had a lovely and much needed visit and sat and talked until almost closing. 12 years and counting and the magic is still is the continuing imperfect timing....sighhh. But....there is a sign that karma, fate, and/or kismet have not finished with us yet!
By totally unrelated means it turns out one of the housemates in the house she has moved into was a high school friend of my daughter Jenn. Just another coincidence in a long line of serendipitous and fortuitous synchronicity in events, occasions, unknown mutual acquaintances, and situations.
Unconventional, uncommon, unusual, unconditional, uneven, unbalanced, and unregulated.....yes.

And there was a problem with Blogger and the rest of this post went***t!

To try to recap...
After she left I hustled over to the bus stop as much as I could with both of my bags and a body that tends to get slower if forced to try to go faster.
I saw the bus at the red light at Falls Rd. and the Kelly Ave. bridge and knew I would not make it....but the light stayed red...and stayed red...and stayed red...and I kept moving. Just as I came up to eye level on the ramp to the bridge...the light changed, and as I reached the curb to cross the street...out of nowhere comes a whole slew of cars in the opposite lane from the # 58 bus....which blew by around the curve and out of sight.

Instead of waiting for the #27 bus due about 20 minutes later, but always either early or late..(mostly's a looooonng route)..and the 2 minute window to catch the 9:55 pm. #59 bus I usually get is more often than not closed and nailed shut by the time the bus gets there.
I could see that Jenn's car was still in the church parking lot below, which meant that she was chatting with the women in her Home Group and smoking in the parking lot.
I caught her as she was about to leave and convinced her a short 5 mile detour west to Pikesville was not out of her way north and east to

When she dropped me off I stopped in the Giant to use the restroom and get something to drink, then headed over to the shed.....where I almost immediately turned around and went back to Giant to buy a package of light bulbs.
(Helpful Hint: DO NOT let your attention, and thereby your aim wander while spraying aerosol air freshener near an unshaded light bulb!)
POP!!!!!!!!!! and.... "Boom Boom- Out go the lights!"
After being hit in the face with a large hot chunk of flying glass, I was happy that I had stopped at the Giant previously, thereby avoiding the ritual "soiling of the pants"!!

Tomorrow is doctor's visit day, sometime after Noon, because even if I show up when the doors open, I'm not going to see her until 3:00 pm. at the earliest, since appointments, which are being booked ahead 90 days or so, are always seen first. So I can try to make up some lost sleep time....hopefully.
Oh Good...uncontrollable yawning.....time to say goodnight

So that brings us back around to now, minus the time it took me to create, type, lose, try to recall, and retype half of this


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