Friday, December 30, 2011

"Running Man......................"

Good afternoon;
So I'm here at the library just in case the power situation at the coffee shop has not been rectified yet. I may even take the first bus that comes along either way when I leave here, whether it's going up or down Reisterstown Rd., and go to the St. Thomas Center Starbucks for a change, if the westbound bus is first.

Last night was a really rough night, that continued through the morning, with a sudden, no warning, no!...can't get the damn zipper open...hell with a jacket...screw relocking the door...omg,omg, omg.....mad rush to the gas station bathroom, attack of -- the 'Willy Makeits/Betty Wonts' -- to put it politely. My stomach and bowels were on fire, and the pain in my back had spread, and my gut was cramping up so bad I was almost in tears.
I ended up going to the ER (after finally being able to leave the bathroom...AND donning a complete change of clean clothing,) when things got worse and I was given a shot to stop ALL motility and IV fluids for an hour. The bus ride over was agony, it was one of the oldest buses still in service, and the shocks were dead. You can imagine how every bump and pothole felt.

Times up......gotta run.....
I'm back......
They took about 3 gallons of blood to run tests on, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder, and I think kidneys too. The abdomen and back pain were reminiscent of a gallstone episode, but the nausea and diarrhea were an added bonus. Intestinal virus an/or bacterial infection were the initial thoughts, from flu to food poisoning, but ruled out after some of the test results came back, and due to the lack of fever.
Other tests take longer to process, so they will take a day or two yet before results come back.
I've avoided food except for some crackers and plenty of water. The lack of coffee is beginning to make itself!
I'm out of time on the library computers, and I don't feel like unpacking the laptop right now, so I'm going to try to get in contact with my regular doctor again to be sure she gets the results directly as they are available. Then I may sit here and read..(doze)..or head out to the bus and the train and ????

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