Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Yes Deer........................"

Good Evening;
Well...not really a lot to say today.
I slept comfortable but in a weird pattern last night, waking out of a sound sleep and trying to sit upright but falling back onto my back because the zipper is so damn stiff, not like the plastic one on the old bag, which does not lock and slides open when you flip the edge of the bag.

I had to trot over to the gas station bathroom about 4:45 am. in a bit of a hurry and on the way back saw the wildest thing.
I heard this clickety clack noise getting louder and louder from across Reisterstown Rd. and turned and saw a huge whitetail deer running full steam across the road, right past me only 2 feet away and up and across the Giant parking lot, across Old Ct. Rd., and then jumping over the fence into Druid Ridge Cemetery! This was wild to see, it was at least a 10 point buck, and he flew over the fence like it was not even there!

closing time......


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