Monday, January 31, 2011

"Winter Whine.........Bus Bitching.............&.........2 for 11..........."

Good Afternoon;
So last night after I left the coffee shop I headed back to the shed for the first time since it snowed on Wednesday, having spent the past 4 nights at Jenn's. I got there about 9:30 pm. after slogging through the piled up snow from the plows covering the sidewalks on Reisterstown Rd....or walking in the street which was becoming slick with a layer of glare ice....not fun....(And let me insert my daily bitch about the MTA here= The driver of the #27 bus which I caught at Mt. Washington loop purposely pulled forward past the semi-cleared space at the bus shelter and forced me to climb over and through the piled snow to enter the bus.....and then gave ME a dirty look.......these assholes need a comeuppance! He then almost lost control of the bus as he made a too fast left turn off of Cross Country Blvd., which was not the only time the bus lost traction due to glare ice and too high a speed! As I looked at his badge to get the number on the way off the bus he pulled his coat over it to hide it. There really ought to be a Federal investigation into the stae of the MTA and it's violations of traffic and safety laws....the City of Baltimore and the Stae of Maryland are sure not about to......HEY Baltimore Sunpapers.....You want a REAL story!!!???)...There was an expanse of snow unmarked and untraveled except for one set of footsteps where somebody walked across the parking lot and under the carport to take a pee on the wall of the shed.....I'm glad it's winter!...I tried as much as possible to stay in those footsteps, both to avoid leaving a fresh trail and for ease of travel and so as not to get snow up my pants legs and into the boots, but this guy must have been part giraffe judging by the length of his stride!!
It was a mildly uncomfortable night, between insomnia, too much coffee earlier, and chilled feet because I kept kicking off the covers. For some reason I was twisting and turning and getting the sleeping bag all knotted up. I was tired from the weird sleep patterns at Jenn's and ended up drifting in and out all morning until about 11:00 am. when Jenn called asking if I could watch the kids this afternoon and early evening while they went to a viewing at a funeral home. I said "yes , of course......can I turn it into an all nighter?" She said she had to check with Tom, but it should be no problem. I may go over to the Starbucks when she goes to her HG tonight, just to give Tom some time with the kids and stay out of the way. (It's a fairly small apartment and seems to have movable walls and a decreasing square footage directly proportionate to the number of hours spent there and the amount of people inside.)
from Friday night the 21st through tonight I will have spent only 2 nights in the shed, Tuesday the 25th and last night the 30th out of 11 nights. Sometimes I get real lucky and blessed, for which I am very grateful.
I am here at the library computer for the first time in a while since I got the Laptop from Erik, ( ), because I needed to return and check out books and kill and hour before heading over to Jenn's. Which I seem to just about have done right!.........LOL!
I may be back with more from Jenn's,

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