Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Snow Guts...........Snow Glory............."

Good Evening;
Well I'm just sitting here at the coffee shop, staying dry and keeping warm and wondering what the huge winter storm ravaging a third (or more!), of the country is going to do to Baltimore. Most forecasts I saw last night and earlier today before I left Jenn's had it skimming the northern and western edge of Maryland and leaving a 'warm' pocket bringing only rain and a slight, late night and early morning spritzing of sleet/freezing rain. The lower Mid-Atlantic and Southeast looks to be in the storm gods' favor this time out.
I'm back at the shed later tonight after 24 hours at Jenn's. It was Edward's 6th birthday today and his school was closed, (after first only being 2 hours late), so he was of mixed emotions, wanting to have his party with classmates and share the cookies Jenn baked last night. He enjoyed the extra attention he got with me being there though, (and Jenn enjoyed the little bit of extra freedom to read the book she has fallen into.....lol, notice I said 'freedom' not 'peace and quiet'.....I did the best I could..........LOL!). I have been the recipient of Devin's gift of a 24-48 hour intestinal visitor of the bacterial/viral variety,
(which did not kick in full bore until AFTER I had had my little fling of creativity in the kitchen, [Tri-Color Rotini with Garlic Alfredo Sauce with Shrimp & Diced Tomatoes w/Garlic and Onions......{a wee bit too sweet, I did not know until afterwards that the Giant brand tomatoes had sugar added}.....plus I oven broiled 2 'Pork Butt Shoulder Steaks'....OR....'Pork Shoulder Butt Steaks'......{they had been labeled both ways at the Giant; and isn't it a contradiction either way....I mean, is it part of the shoulder or part of the.....???????..LOL!!!!!}......], but BEFORE I got a chance to enjoy the fruits of my labor while fresh off the stove or out of the oven!),
and it was a good thing Jenn called me, because it was a good time to be near the bathroom.....lol. Think Napalm and battery acid......and 20 grit sandpaper on a roll, and you'll have a feel for my night.....very sound sleep was NOT a viable option! And then the neighbor, who happens to be one of the maintenance men at the complex, started in with the bass turned up high at 6:00 am. Whether his little run in with Tom about parking spaces and snow shoveled in front of the truck had anything to do with it I don't know, but a noise complaint to the police was also not a viable option.
In any case I'm extremely tired and I have to be up early tomorrow to get down the Hopkins area to pick up meds....which is the main reason for my concern about the temperature & type and amount and rate, of precipitation in the early AM.
I got the 250 minutes on my SafeLink phone today, and (fingers crossed), I'll get my little bit of monthly cash tomorrow, of which most will go to meds, a monthly bus pass, and $10.00 to keep my Virgin Mobile phone active, plus I'll be able to have some money in my pocket for Rachel when we go to Disney on Ice next Wednesday...I better check the longterm forecast because last year when we went, she did not get out of Jenn's for days, (a month for me!)....lol., and I just saw that the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus is coming in March....2 0f our 3 ongoing traditions.....it snowed the morning after that last year too....lol.
Okay, that's it for now, Dave from Whole Foods is here on his break,

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