Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Angle Of Attack ....................And.....................SpongeBob Ripped Pants......................"

Good Evening;
Well I'm sitting here in the Starbucks at Mt. Washington getting my share of strange looks because the (s)laptop is propped precariously with it's right rear corner up on a hardback book, ('The Kingdom' -Clive Cussler w/ Grant Blackwood), at approximately a 20 degree angle, because that is the only way it will boot up and stay running. It is still prone to locking up at the drop of a feather or the rippling sound waves of even a modest fart!!.....but really, it's true!

It's been that kind of day, from reaching out and touching the slug early this morning to my last pair of denim shorts ripping along the outer seam of the right rear pocket leaving an 'L' shaped flap hanging down and my Jockey shorts covered butt cheek open for perusal by all and sundry.
And of course nobody had any duct tape with them today, even Rob the contractor had just cleaned out his car this morning and put all his tools etc. back in the truck. I have a pair of jeans with me, but due to recent increase in the good old 'BMI', they are wearable in comfort when standing only, except in extreme emergency..........sigh, the spirit was willing , but the will was weak, regarding the 'dieting desires' proclaimed a couple weeks ago. :-(

The weather was wonderful today, cool and windy and gray, but most of the leaves were still green on the trees...fall but 'not fall' at the same time.

Okay, that's all for now.
Tomorrow I'm going over to Jenn's in the morning to shower and wash clothes while they are at church, and try to sort and compact some of my boxes of possessions if there is time. Monkee said I can put a couple in her basement, things that I have no need to access any time soon.
Tomorrow is also when I have to pick up my meds, (bupe), for the first half of October and my monthly disability pass for the MTA. So I'll be back......???


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