Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Copy-Collate-Staple-Stuff...........And......... Call For 'Mack The Knife'........................"

Good Evening;
Well..a cold front must have come through after the rain ended sometime last night. I was up at 1:51 am. to run over to the gas station to use the restroom and it had to be near 80 degrees. I had the fan on in the shed to move the air around both to cool the place and to try to do something about the humidity, it was that warm.
When I went outside about 10:00 am. it was much cooler and windy and by the time I caught the bus over to the coffee shop about 2:30 pm. it was overcast and gray.

After hitting the Giant to use the bathroom and get food for the day I went over to 'FedEx/Kinkos' and made 3 copies of my book of poetry. I then stopped at 'Staples' and got a package of mailing envelopes. I was going to stop at the Post Office here in Mt. Washington to drop a copy in the mail to a reader who remembers me from elementary school and recently contacted me after reading the blog, but.........I got involved in a conversation with a guy here about Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect, and between his slide show of 'FallingWaters' and Kentuck Knob, both about an hour or so outside of Pittsburgh, and other homes we Googled, the P.O. was closed.
(Tomorrow, Rosalie, first thing before I go anywhere.....)

I see Moamar Ghadaffi got snuffed at last, 'bout time too......but his wacky uniforms and civilian getups were a hoot, ya gotta admit.

Jenn texted me this evening asking if I could monster-sit tomorrow night as she has a sponsorship 'family' meeting to go to. After due consideration of whether I wanted to give up all the Friday night wildness and crazy fun of being the only patron at Starbucks for most of the night, I said sure, why
I had her open 2 pieces of mail that showed up for me today, 1 from D.S.S. and 1 from JAI.
Dumb-Stupid-Stupider says I did not complete my Redetermination paperwork as required....AND I'm going to lose my Medical Assistance.....well I have a time & date stamped receipt that says "Yes....I did" complete all that was given me, AND I have a face-to-face meeting scheduled for either Monday or Tuesday (the 24th or 25th) of next week! (not sure of date, but paperwork is at Jenn's so it won't get lost) !
And JAI says D.S.S. informed them that it expires as of Nov. 30th, and sats.."Contact Us IMMEDIATELY We Can Help".....(their caps.....think they are concerned about my health.....or their subsidy?).
Another SNAFU on it's way to becoming a FUBAR!

Monday......I'll deal with it Monday.....(or

I really did not need this mess at this time, when I'm still trying to get Social Security to give me a straight answer on exactly where and what my claim status is, after they never admitted not sending the forms I needed to fill out by a deadline date, but oh look, here they are in the mail 2 days after my phone call to a supervisor.....but with "current" dates instead of the date they told me it was sent out.......nothing like a half ass transparent attempt to CYA that actually indicts them!

And I also don't need this now because I'm surfing the wave on the downhill slope of the depression cycle, hoping for a short, sharp, crash and splash, and a relatively immediate climb up the back of the wave, rather than getting trapped in a long low trough for an indefinite period.

I'm about ready to surrender to the lawyers, there is no way I can deal with all the deliberate obfuscation and dishonest obstructionist people.
So....set a shark loose and get out of the way seems the best plan.


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