Monday, October 10, 2011

"New Acquaintances..........................Dirty Laundry.....................And.........................A Late Lunch

Good Afternoon;
Well I'm back at the Starbucks stretching the free refills on my registered card to the limit today. I walked up to the counter and because there was still the dregs of my morning instant in the cup the barrista automatically rang it up as a refill. I mentioned that it wasn't and he said, it's more trouble than it's worth to cancel and re-ring it.
Thanks....Coffee cup Hot smile

As I was packing up to leave last night the couple sitting next to me, Taylor and Scott, mentioned what a lovely and, smart and well behaved little lady Rachel was. We ended up standing outside talking and in the conversation the subjects of homelessness, our little blog here, the work Taylor has done with an expungement program aimed at the homeless, Scott's volunteer work at an addictions treatment facility that used Suboxone, ('bupe'), and other related topics. They offered to get me some information that may lead to or assist in getting some representation and/or advocacy as regards S.S.I. filings, legal aid, et. al.
They said they would try to hook up with me here again one evening, which would be nice because I found them nice folks and easy to talk with, which is not the norm for me on a first meeting, with little of the usual anxiety and social stress symptoms that tend to inhibit me at times.

They also asked if I was in need of any clothing for the upcoming cold weather. I said that my socks and underwear were coming up on the end of their usable lifespans as garments, and that I may be in need of the balance of the cost of a pair of pants/jeans, depending on the price I end up paying for a pair of boots.
(I should be able to get boots and a pair of store brand denim jeans for what Abe gave me, but I'm not 100% sure yet, I'm still looking for the best deal on boots. Jenn does a lot of business with a company online and is happy with both price and service, but with my crazy feet I'm leery of buying without an actual as opposed to virtual fitting).
I told them it was nice of them to be concerned and want to help, but that it wasn't really necessary.

It's time, 4:51 pm. to eat 'lunch', my first real meal today. Breakfast consisted of lots of coffee, a couple Pringles, a few handfuls of Cocoa Puffs Combos cereal, a quarter of a multigrain bagel, and a hunk of iced marble pound cake from the Giant bakery, (day-old, reduced and with a $1.50 off sticker on it......I actually MADE money buying!).

I am leaving here with Jenn tonight after her meeting across the way, and I cannot wait to get into the shower tonight, no matter how bad the bathroom may (will) stink from Mama Cat and the kitties and their litter box!
I'm watching Devin in the morning while Jenn and Tom meet with Ed's teacher, so
tomorrow is laundry day,......about 30 hours or so beyond what I had planned, and I'm wearing the last of the clean clothes I have with me. What were meant to be sleeping socks, because of the holes in the heel and the anemic elastic, and the Hawaiian shirt which is basically my 'dress' shirt have been put into play because when I got here I found I could not stand to wear the tee shirt and socks I had on any longer. Not that they were really foul but I just felt 'un-fresh', (cit. - see any television commercial for feminine hygiene products...before all the dancing in the midst of a shower of rose petals or orange blossoms under a rainbow in a mountain!).

Anyway, between saying hello to Abe, who has invited me to spend some time eating lunch or dinner in the Succah with him and his family over the upcoming holiday, and talking with Visa, it's after 5:30 pm......


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