Monday, October 24, 2011

"Mob Rule.............Jump Back Jack.............&................Here's The Beef!............"

Good Afternoon;

Well it's time again for the Baltimore Sun's "Mobbies" Blog Awards;

If anyone feels so inclines to vote, the category is best Personal Blog


So I open the shed door this morning and start to step out and see a police car sitting in the lot by the driveway entrance up near Reisterstown Rd. First reaction is to turn forward motion into reverse motion, an automatic muscle memory response. Even after being clean for so long and not having committed any illegal acts, (other than possibly a minor trespassing charge), I still react this way when surprised by a ploice presence. Not while walking the street or encountering them in public, just the ' go around the your face' situation. I don't know if he saw me or not, I could have been in a blind spot. I decided what the hell and grabbed my bags and set them under the carport and went about threading the chain through the holes and locking up, and when I looked up again...he was gone, either getting a radio call or taking off after a speeder.

I walked over to the Giant, got coffee and washed up and bought some lunch food. After that I came over here to the library to look for more shoe store's websites.

Tomorrow after D.S.S. I'm heading up to SRI in Reisterstown to look for boots. Then I'll be at Jenn's babysitting and maybe spending the night.

Today it's over to the coffee shop and at some point stopping at Jenn's to leave most of my baggage so I won't have to deal with it going through the metal detector and searching by the rent-a-cops at D.S.S. tomorrow morning. I have to be there at 8:00 am. and stopping by to drop them off in the morning would mean getting on the first bus at 6:00 am. to make the connections needed and walk over and back to Jenn's opposed to getting on a single bus at 7:20 am. and arriving early with a bit of leeway if the bus gets tied up.

Last night I stopped in the Giant before I went into the shed and I ended up with a package of 90/10 ground beef that was marked .62 lbs., but which weighed in at 1.62 lbs. on the produce scale, reduced from $2.91 to $2.17...with a $2.00 off sticker on it. Since it was cool enough last night to keep it fresh without a 'fridge I could not resist a $0.17 deal like that. If I can I'l ask someone at the coffee shop to stick it in the fridge there for me and give it to Jenn tonight to put in her 'fridge for tomorrow......or....if I can't do's steak tartare sandwiches for breakfast today!!!!! Well I guess it's lunch by

Times up here.....


P.S....Tried the laptop after letting it sit for 2 days....still won't boot.

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The Daily Breather said...

just found your blog when looking at the Mobbies Awards on the Sun. Thanks for your blog. Take care of yourself today.