Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Scum, Slugs, Slime....................And A Case For Retroactive Abortion......................"

Good Morning;
Well it's quarter after 2:00 and I've finally stopped ranting and raging about the useless, ignorant, waste of oxygen, scumbag, douche bag, foul, loathsome, disgusting, ghetto f*ck who is back in Pikesville again shitting on walls, and in corners, up against cars, in doorways, in and on planters and flowerbeds.....LITERALLY!!!
I came back to the shed just about Midnight and found that he crapped on the wall under the carport again.
If I catch this freakin' animal in the act I'm going to do just what you'd do to a puppy....shove his friggin' face in it! And if his knees and elbows happen to be broken accidentally and he lays there face first in his own feces and suffocates.....oh well, it's either 'God's will' or 'Darwinian evolution'.
I'm pretty sure it's the same piece of garbage who has been spreading and smearing food and feces all over the bathroom walls and fixtures at the Giant.
He's shit on the library walls and doors, in front of the Post Office and the sub shop and barber shop that are in the lower level on the rear and side of the RiteAid.....and other places too.

The thing that pisses me off the most is that all these places are near or contain a public restroom! These are deliberate and malicious acts of the lowest order and he knows exactly what he is doing. One woman at the gas station said, "he's sick, he needs rehabilitation", yeah well, shove his crack pipe down his throat and a sharpened 4 inch diameter, 4 foot long wooden stake up his ass until he see's the light, that'll rehabilitate the hell out of him!

I'm done.

Oh great, another one of my favorite creatures. A damn slug is oozing it's way along the plastic bag covering the pile of disassembled shelving that makes up my headboard/backstop. Now I gonna get all paranoid and tear the place apart while I grab whatever little salt packets I have left in my condiments container and lay down a barrier of instant "Wicked Witch Of The West" style dissolving death and destruction!

It's 3:30 am. time to give the (s)laptop a rest.....


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