Tuesday, October 4, 2011

""Pretty In Pink........................Feline Frenzy......................One Step Up From Duct Tape......................."

Good Evening;
Well I'm sitting here in the coffee shop with 3 other folks, all of us on laptops. The Starbucks muzak channel is playing 'singer/songwriter' selections from one of the CDs being pushed this month and it's a nice quiet, mellow vibe.

I had no wifi last night at Jenn's and was kept too busy anyway by Devin's insistence on our marathon collaboration of pencil and crayon sketches. I drew the outline or basic figure and was allowed to consult as she colorized it in crayon, with a predominance on 'pink'.....lol.

I had another one of those 'can't keep my eyes open, forcing myself to try to stay awake because I really want to watch this show, fall asleep with the TV on and spill my cup of water on my crotch, then after I dry off can't fall asleep until 7:00 am.' nights.
So I'm kinda loopy tonight and have been all day. I made Devin breakfast this morning and took out a couple bags of trash, emptied and refilled both litter boxes, the one in the bathroom where Mama Cat and the babies was a necessary self defense move, the freakin' ammonia smell was literally burning the sinus and eye membranes. After the bending over and carrying the bags to the dumpster, I had to lay flat on the floor and raise my left leg for 30 minutes to stop muscle spasming in my lower back and the swelling to go down on the tumor on the sciatic nerve. What used to be normal tasks that I still do without thinking about now have negative and collateral effects. I keep forgetting the doctor's instructions about weight limits and range of movement limitations, and each time seems to take longer to get back to 'normal'.

I showered, used the iron on patches to repair my denim shorts, (hopefully to a level that will last until it gets too cold to wear them anymore this year), and left Jenn's about 1:30 pm., under a cloud of tension. As I was hanging my towel on the back of the bathroom door Mama Cat slipped by without my notice.......yeahhhhh, talk about a cat fight....The 'boys', Mr. Big and Mr. Little, wre not locked in the bedroom and they all came face to face.......the yowling and hissing and screeching was enough to wake the dead as they had a 3 way stand off, like a Clint Estwood spaghetti western. Jenn came running out of her bedroom to head off Mama Cat and I jumped between the other two and forced them back towards the living room, and we finally got her shut back in with the kittens.
Luckily I was packed up and about to leave anyway, because when I apologized I got no response.....better for both sides that no words were exchanged.......

Tonight it's out to the buses in 30 minutes and a stop at the library to drop off a book in the after hours depository, then the Giant, the gas station and the shed. It's Tuesday night so the one night a week lodge meeting is going on next door, so I time my entry between the exits of the two different groups of 'lodge brothers'. One group seems to roll out at 11:00 pm. and the other guys stay and shoot the breeze for another 45 minutes to an hour.

I am supposed to meet someone who wants to give me a pair of boots tonight, but I don't know if it's for real, or a load of hot air. This person is known for making extravagant promises when drunk, (and she was when I ran into her over the weekend), so I'm not getting excited yet.
Alright, I'm packing up now because the #58 bus is too irregular to rely on. Early or late, usually the opposite of when I get to the stop.


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