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Monday, October 3, 2011

"Tunnel Vision......................Bad Bus Decision................."

Good Afternoon;
Well I'm at the coffee shop, finally. After starting out about 10:30 am. this morning waiting on the bus that never showed and which I later found out was 14 minutes early, meaning it left the Old Ct. Metro Station way, way early....a Big, Big MTA offence, punishable by suspension...the day went downhill from there as regards transportation. When the other bus showed up and I got to the subway station the attendant was telling everyone that the subway was shut down at West Cold Spring Station, in a rude and sarcastic manner. She refused to try to help passengers figure out which buses would get them to their destinations, (one of the duties of the station attendants), and was smart mouthing anyone who asked what the problem with the trains was or if she knew how long the shut down would be. Instead of telling people she did not know, or that the problem was a gas leak or spill of some kind, or that she was not authorized to comment on the subject, her response was....and I quote...."I tole you it be shut down and das all you need to knows" (verbatim!).

Well I took the #27, planning on transferring to the #13 at North Ave. but as I came up to Park Heights I realized that by transferring to the #54 and then to the #13 I could save 20 minutes of travel time.......or so I thought......lol!
The buses were all crowded to overcapacity as was to be expected and stopping at almost every stop, and when it emptied out at the Mondawmin Metro Station and Bus Terminus.....the wheelchair ramp got stuck halfway and would not move! Another bus had to be called into service to replace it. I grabbed the #5 which was pulling out and transferred to the #13 at Park Ave. I eventually got to Monkees at 1:45 pm. and was able to get meds for the week and pay her what I owed her. We had planned to have some time to sit and talk, but she had to get ready to go to work by this time.

Okay my battery is running out, so I'll finish whenever I get back to where the power cord is...I either left it at Jenn's, (where I am monstersitting tonight), or the shed.


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