Tuesday, October 25, 2011

" Das Boots..........The Remake..............."

Good Afternoon;

So I'm back at the library for the second time today. I had not realized how much I had begun to communicate with certain people via the Internet until I had been without the laptop for a couple days.

So this morning I was up at 6:30 am...and punched the snooze button until

7:00 am.....lol.....and then over to the Giant for coffee and washing up. I was on the bus to D.S.S by 8:00 am. and signed in there by 8:20 am. Amazingly I was sitting in a room with half a dozen people by 9:00 am., all of us having our 're-con' redetermination papers checked and verified..(HA! we'll see about that on the next time I get sent some paperwork from them......I have been listed as 'African-American' for 3 years and have submitted at least a dozen forms that ask me to confirm my data...correcting it to 'White' each time, with no changes being made. I need to go to Social Security now and bring back paperwork on the status of my case which is still 'pending, as far as I know. I was out of there at 9:15 am and still can't believe it!.............lol!

I went over to the bus stop and was at the library by 9:45 am. checking on the address of SRI Shoe Warehouse in Reisterstown and bus schedules and connecting times of the #59 & #56 buses.

I went out to the bus stop at 10:05 am. to catch the # 59 that was supposed to leave the Plaza Metro station at 10:02 am., arriving here at 10:15 am. Well, after 40 minutes I assumed it was not coming and started looking for the next bus due at 10:50 am. It arrived a few minutes late, and it was jammed to the max with passengers who also were waiting for the earlier bus. This is a big issue with the MTA....NO NOTIFICATIONS!!!!....either at the stops where the bus is supposed to start it's run, or on the MTA Transit Hotline so people could be aware of major delays or cancellations of a run.

Anyway I made it out to SRI, which is quite a nice little hike from the road, and wandered around looking. After going through all the boots displayed I left dejected and emptyhanded. While the selection of major name brands was excellent, and the discounts were very generous......they were way beyond my price range.....$59.99 being the lowest priced boot I saw.

After another nice stroll on a beautiful fall day I caught the bus headed back from Reisterstown and got off at the Walmart in Owings Mills.

After another hike I hit the shoe department and planted my self in the boot aisle.

After finally decoding the heiroglyphics and determining which boot was what style and at what price I could at last look at sizes. Of course there were a minimal number of 10 & 1/2 and 11 boots in stock. The styles I could afford were cut too small in the 10 & 1/2 boots and there were no 'wide' or 'extra wide' to try. In the size 11 range the one perfect boot, in size, fit, style, color, and price.......was a Right boot in a box with a size 10 Left boot.....aauugghhhh!!!!

Half of the size 11s in styles that I liked and could afford were steel toed, which I do not want for a couple reasons. One being, that when they get cold and wet, which they will having to walk to and wait on bus stops, my problem with cold feet and poor circulation contraindicates steel toes.......they may be nasty looking from the athletes foot and nail fungi....but they are the only toes I've got. Frostbite is no joke!

There was one pair of size 11 'hikers' I would have loved to have....if I could have afforded 2 pair, but between the lugged soles and the too much like a sneaker 'look', and the price, I had to say no.

I ended up with a pair of 11 'extra wides' that mostly fit....I really wanted a plain wide, or a medium to compare them to, but nothing in that style except a 10 & 1/2 was even close. I also bought needed socks, (underwear will have to wait another few weeks), and got the (supposedly) thicker, 'comfort sole' as a way to take up some of the 'slop' in the shoe as it stretches. And if push come to shove....two pair of socks should do the job. The shoes are leather uppers this time, not the 'man made materials' mystery substance that the Target boots were made of. There was a pair of $19.99 boots that resembled them, also 'man made', but "once bitten twice shy".

In any case these are still better than the ones I've been wearing and I'll work around the 'less than perfection' elements.

They're, 'butter yellow' like Timberlands, with a beige sole and medium lugs, and as I said, leather uppers. They're good enough for every day and if kept reasonably clean, will pass muster as a semi-formal dress shoe with long pants...(which I'm still resisting wearing....as long as I can!!!........lol!).

Anyway, I've got to head over to Jenn's soon to monstersit and get myself something to eat. Today's 'brunch' of; half a chicken sandwich, a cup of coffee, 3 semi-fake (Palmer) chocolate bars...(Love their chocolate...Think Easter Bunny's Ears!....LOL!)...and a beer and the remainder of a bag of Grandma Utz's Homestyle potato chips, (hand cooked in lard!!....uuummmmmm!), may have been mouth pleasing....but not too healthy.....lol!

I also want to get in a long hot shower, all the walking has got my back and leg spasming like I got hit by a Taser. I've also had an increasingly painful feeling that starts under my right ribcage, curves around to my back and reaches up to my shoulder blade. with the swelling in my right upper abdomen...I'm thinking it may be, and hoping it's not, more complications with the gall bladder.

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