Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Eyes Of Fire.............Meaningful Assistance....................."

Good Evening;
So I got a text from Jenn this morning in answer to my text of "????????????", in regard to my unanswered query last night as to whether a shower was possible today.
She wrote back that they were leaving around 12:30 pm. and to come on by....she also wrote that I "needed" to watch Devin in the morning so she could drive Tom home from the eye doctor's because he was getting the dreaded.. "can't see and painfully sensitive to light for hours afterwards" So I should come back over after Starbucks closed and spend the night. Okay, no big deal, I don't mind sitting up all night after the kids go to sleep and watching the cable, (unless I pass right out from lack of sleep from last, and I can do laundry tonight or tomorrow too, and Devin and I have fun together. But....the phrasing was not; 'I need you to', or 'can' or 'will', or 'are you available to', or 'do you want to' I that easy or predictable that I'll always say yes, so why ask?

Yeah................most likely..........................lmao!

Though I do have some limits.....if the dumb-ass next door has his stupid "outdoor stadium mega-watt gazillion decibel too damn loud for an apartment" stereo on like he did this afternoon........screw it, Jenn and Tom are just going to have to work around the bus schedule in the morning....'cause I'm heading back to the shed!

I ran into Scott and Taylor here this afternoon, and spent some time talking with Scott, who was reading our little blog when I walked in, (Taylor was immersed in her law books for school), about anxiety disorders and things to help reduce the potency of and/or head off an attack. He has his Masters in the social work field, and also shared some of his personal experiences with me. He is also e-mailing me some things to read on the subject. I truly appreciate the time and the patience, and the care and compassion he is showing me. His understanding is so much more helpful than some of the crap I get sent by e-mail and 'comment'.
Also thanks to a generous gift he casually slipped into my hand, I'm going to be able to get new socks and jockey shorts as well as the boots I need and a pair of new pants for cold weather, when added to the cash I already have put away from Abe and what little I have been able to save.

I'm very grateful to everyone who contributed and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I'm going to pack up now and figure the best way to kill some time so that ...HOPEFULLY!... the grandmonsters will be asleep when I get to Jenn's. I may go right to the recliner and try to sleep because my right eye is feeling worse, the broken glass is morphing into electric flaming needles.....


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