Sunday, October 23, 2011

" Sleeping 'Booty'......................Nope, .........Shoe Shitty..........."

Good Afternoon;

(Sorry about the spacing the computer here is acting up again)

Well I'm at the library again and it's extremely crowded with a long line for the computers, so this is going to be a short post.

Last night after I went back to Jenn's from here I washed clothes and killed time flipping channels watch half a dozen movies at once. Ones that I had already seen and liked enough times so I knew exactly where I was when I flipped back to them.

It actually became quite funny to watch and hear characters from movie say one thing and then going to the next one and hearing an unrelated, but sometimes coincidentally fitting

I left there to get the 12:30 am. bus up to the shed and fell asleep by 1:00 am. with the lights on in the middle of texting a response to Jenn on the

Talk about tired and a sleep deficit....I woke up again at 9:30 am., reduced the pressure threatening to turn the sleeping bag into a 'water bed', and fell back asleep until 10:30m am., turned the light out, and fell right back to sleep until 11:23 am., (which coincidentally, is this post's #), when back pain forced me to get up and take my meds, half late, half 30 minutes early, (nothing 'doubled up' just different schedules), which were in the bag on the top shelf, not lower down where I usually leave them so I can get to them with out getting up..(particularly the Tums, which I can take in my sleep

After I went to RiteAid to get my BP prescription, I stopped in the Giant to use the bathroom, make coffee, and wash my face. I had planned NOT to go to Giant this morning, having picked up food for today when I was in there last night before I returned to Jenn's....where I left the package of rolls that go with the lunchmeat thereby negating the whole After that I headed over here and as soon as this post is done I'm going out to enjoy the weather......still in shorts as long as I can possibly stretch it!

I'm heading over to the coffee shop and I'm going to see of Rachel is busy, if not I hope to spend a few hours with her this afternoon. If not, it's okay because we are going to the Ice Show, 'Disney Princesses On Ice' on Wednesday, and Jenn told me as she was leaving the house yesterday that she and Devin are also going, (I did not get a chance to ask if Edward and Tom are going too), so we may spend the night there at the apartment.

I forgot to tell you all about the Friday's boot shopping fiasco....

After spending Thursday night/ Friday morning before I went to sleep, (up until the (s)laptop went into dementia), searching a bunch of sites, (representing stores I could get to), for boots I decided to go to K Mart because after setting all the personal preference search options, (from size to price and everything in between), the "your store" option said that there were 3 different styles

IN STOCK!!! that met all my criteria, and 2 more that met most. So after leaving the library Friday I dropped my bags at Jenn's since I was coming back there later and walked down to the K Mart on Northern Pkwy and Wabash Ave. It took me a while because after walking more than a couple blocks I had to stop and rest, sitting if at all possible, because my back and legs started to give out. (and when I got there I had to sit on a bench with my legs elevated to reduce the swelling in my feet so that I would get the correct size and fit.) And I'm still having problems today, probably because I pushed myself by going too fast because I needed to be back at Jenn's and my window of opportunity was kind of short.

Well after searching the store I found that there were exactly 3...THREE... boots available, two 11's and a 10&1/2, and neither of them fit right....after the website said that CURRENT stock had over 17 pair in various combinations.

Neither of the 3 pair fit correctly so it was complete waste of time.

I'm never going to believe these sites again, it's not the first time I've come across radically differing quantities being listed as being there and finding it not so. Not at K Mart but Walmart and another retailer.

So....No new boots....yet.

Either Monday or Tuesday,...............

(as soon as I find the letter with the D.S.S. appointment date I'll know.)

I'm hitting some other stores.

Anyway, times up here and I really need to eat something, it's close to 4:00 pm. already.


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