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Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Living 'La Vida Lenta'............................."

Good Afternoon;
So I'm sitting out back on the patio at Starbucks for the second day in a row, doing absolutely nothing exciting. I'm just taking advantage of the weather, (which is forecast to be about the same for the next 5 days, 74-82 degrees for the high and 50-58 degrees for the low.......I can live with that!!

Today is Yom Kippur and although I chose not to fast, (though my eating patterns have almost qualified, stopping about dark last night and having my 'breakfast' at 4:00 pm. today, but that is just circumstance, not conscious effort), I have been spending some time reflecting on the past year and how my thoughts, words, and actions may have been different in certain situations. It has been a quiet and introspective couple of days.

The one black cloud hanging over everything right now concerns my son-in-laws cousin who has disappeared, along with his car, and has been missing for close to 3 days. He has been experiencing extreme depression and relatives and friends fear that he may also be having suicidal ideations.

Above is a link to a photo and info on car make/model and tag#.
Take a look, you never know, it's possible you may have seen something helpful.

I may be back again tonight, if any thing interesting happens,
(hopefully not.....lol).


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