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Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Another Gray Day....................... No Complaints Though, Neutral Is A Good Thing.........................."

Good Evening;
So I'm here in the coffee shop about to eat dinner and looking out the windows at the sky like tarnished pewter and dirty cotton and thinking, 'it's too dark too early for October 2nd'. It's also chilly and damp, but I'm not bothered so much by that. And 'damp' is a 'low normal' condition for Baltimore in the past year with all the rain, snow, and humidity, and dew points in the upper 'rain forest' range!

I had one of those crazy sleep nights last night, not tired and reading until 2:30 am. or so after hitting the shed before 10:30 pm. because it had jut started to rain as I left the Starbucks at 9:00 pm. and there is nowhere dry and under cover to sit outside since 'First Watch Cafe' took their benches in and (Giant sold all the patio furniture....lol). I fell asleep with the light on and the book on my chest and woke up when I rolled over about 4:00 am. and one of the corners was piercing my lung. Then it was up and down every 30 minutes until I took my morning meds at 6:13 am. and woke up again to the alarm on my phone at 8:15 am. I gathered my laundry and stopped in the Giant to grab some beef! to cook at Jenn's. I got there at 9:30 am. expecting them to be leaving for church, but only Tom went. That put all my timing off because between going out to the parking lot with Tom to look at Jenn's "new" car, (circa 1995.....lol), then Jenn and I shooting the breeze and her taking her shower first so she'd be ready when Tom came to pick her up to go get the grandmonsters at her mother's, (ex # 1....lol), and then not getting to the washer and dryer before the Sunday rush started, then playing with the kids for a bit when they got back....a 12:30 pm. departure became 3:15 pm.
But, I'm showered, clean, and fed...but I didn't do one of the main things I needed to do, iron the patches on my 'good' denim shorts. But tomorrow I'm either going over in the morning or watching Devin in the evening while Jenn is at her meeting, so it will get done at some point.

The (s)laptop booted up after only 5 or 6 'inspirational nudges' and now that I have found the secret of propping it on an angle on a book is up and running with no drop outs, shut downs or freezes.....(Ssshhhhh......!...........lol).

I'm going to grab dinner before they close here in 30 minutes......so,


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