Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Burst Bubbles....................Night Moves...&...Things That Go BUMP In The Night...................Tea Party Madness...................."

Good Afternoon;
Well, this sucks....just got an e-mail stating that the Gazillion Bubbles National Tour has been cancelled so Rachel and I won't be going to the Hippodrome on the 20th.
Yeah that just seems fitting with the night and morning I've had.

The upstairs idiots at Jenn's had what I found out was a running battle since Thursday of last week come to a noisy climax at 1:00 am. this morning. It was complete with yelling, screaming, stomping, breakage of crockery and furniture, and the upending and subsequent toppling and crashing of a very large object to the floor. I'm thinking a large, heavy, solid wood armoire....a large screen tube or projection TV....or the refrigerator/freezer. The whole damn building shook and dust and plaster fell from the ceiling and vents! As I stepped out the door and into the laundry room to put my wash into the dryer I heard a woman's voice saying "I've got a situation here". I'm not sure if it was a 911 call or the cop I saw a minute later through the peephole on her radio. In the middle of everything the 2 "stick a broomstick up their butt's and you've or a dust mop" breed of dogs were yipping and yapping and whining with their damn nails scrabbling and scratching on the wood or tile floors the whole time.....and when things finally settled down around 2:30 am. and the cops and whoever was tossed out was gone, along with the baskets of belongings that were all over the foyer.....it sounded as if someone was assembling a bed or a recliner, and tearing the hell out of the wood parquet flooring in the process. Meanwhile the dogs were either outside on the balcony yipping and growling and whining constantly, which was echoing off the walls of the enclosed courtyard area and setting up sympathetic barking among other dogs in and out of apartments, and a slew of pointed comments, warnings, and threats from the potheads, crackheads, and drug dealers living in the immediate vicinity. The construction/demolition noises finally stopped near 4:00 am. and the dogs were then shoved into the bathroom with the door locked....and expressed their displeasure quite stridently with an assortment of howls and whining squeals at loud decibel levels, in the upper limits of the frequencies humans can hear.........and above! Which set Jenn's dog on edge, growling and letting loose with explosive little yips and yaps.
About 5:30 am. after dozing off in spite of all the commotion for about 20 minutes, I woke up to some sort of Japanese music consisting of a stringed instrument playing the same 8 or 10 notes over and over and over and over again just at the lower edge of hearing.....that atonal out of tune twanging so prevalent in traditional Asian music that makes you want to scream while shoving the nearest pointy object in your ears.

I gave up and turned on the Mr. Coffee and WJZ-13 for Don and Marty and The Early Show. About this time Jenn was getting up, (and she slept through the whole ordeal.....and Tom, who has a fair amount of hearing loss he won't admit to, was up at 1:30 am. and went out to smoke a cigarette on the patio and heard a little bit of the dogs whining to be let back in, heard and felt none of the probably 4.5 on the Richter scale shaking and banging...but but he did walk to the corner of the building and see the cop cars out front.), to start making Ed's lunch for school and breakfast, and get his clothes out in preparation to getting him up. (And emptying 3 tubes of powdered concentrated 'Energy2go' drink mix that is meant to be added to a 16-20 oz. water bottle...to half a coffee mug of water and slugging it down while trying not to gag.......lol! She's got to have her caffeine jump start, but can't do espresso or even plain old coffee....lol!)
As they were all about to leave the house, Devin was still asleep but starting to roll around and mumble a bit, at the point where it was 50-50 either way if she woke or fell back asleep....and I was just about to crash out, and wanted to!
Well at this point Ed wants to chatter on about something or other and Devin flipped instead of flopped and I heard a little tiny voice saying, "Get me up Pop-Pop"... I tried to pretend I was asleep.....hoping she'd give up and go back to sleep herself............no such luck, she's wise to that now.....................lol!
So I spent all morning and most of the early afternoon playing tea-party, drawing and coloring tea parties, and looking at tea parties on TV on various pre-schooler channels.

I broke free when Jenn and Tom got home about 11:30 am. I had just put my feet up and fallen asleep sitting up on the couch when Tom appeared at the sliding glass doors making faces and startling Devin into peals of laughter.......yeahhhhh!, whiplash is not that funny!................lol.....ow!
So I'm teetering between total exhaustion and slaphappy goofiness.

I showered and packed up rolled out of there in time to catch the 2:05 pm. bus here .to Mt. Washington.........
...............and my friend Lisa who I met at the Pikesville Starbucks 4 years ago and whose family invited me to Passover Seder a couple years ago, and who I have not seen in quite some time just walked in.
We have had a standing lunch date at Salvinos Sub Shop in Pikesville for years that has never panned out, each time we get to the point of actually setting a time and date, one of us gets sick! (And her asthma is not reacting well to this years overabundance of pollen and all the mold and spores the extended period of wet weather has spawned. :-(

Anyway, that's it for now, still on the lookout for a great deal on boots, I've got the money tucked away and this time I'm not rushed, as I was last winter and paid the price for it.


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