Friday, October 14, 2011

"Whither The Weather ..........................&........................Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader, Officer Friendly?....................."

Good Afternoon;
Well, there has been some pretty intense weather in the past 24hours.
I love it right now, cool, sunny and windy. Earlier this morning it rained like a MF, or a my friend Kenny used to say, like 3-4 MFs!
In between was fog, mist, drizzle, cloudy skies with patches of blue peeking through the gaps, and light brain during bright sun, but sadly no rainbow, which is a drag 'cause I coulda used the 'pot 'o gold' at the!
Last night as I was leaving the gas station there was a layer of low cloud that was of varied density, moving fast across the full, (or nearly full), moon. At times obscuring it, at other times just wisps flowing and fluttering veil like across the face. It looked like the beginning shots of a whole slew of ocean themed, scary, or noir movies, both good and bad. Pretty cool.

The rain was so crazy this morning that 3 times I got set to leave the shed and before I got my boots tied the heavens opened up and dropped a curtain of water so thick and heavy it was bouncing up and under the door enough to puddle. And let's not even talk about the places the roof is rotted through, if the water wasn't so dirty from it's travels through the shingles, wood, and fiberglass insulation I could shower under it.
There was some really awesome thunder too. It was much lower in pitch and timbre and 'quickness' of reverberation, it was a low, deep rumble that went on and on and on and on...for at least 45 continuous seconds. That happened about 8 or 10 times during one downpour; imagine a row of stacks of 55 gallon drums or hollow heavy steel boxes falling domino style, each column having a different number of drums or boxes in no particular order, falling to a concrete floor......rewind and repeat.
There was 'normal' thunder and lightning during the other storms today too.
And such a quick change of status too, as I was in the Giant, entering in a period of clearing skies, the weather was different each time I hit the head of the aisles and looked out the doors! From a deluge to a drizzle in the sunshine.....and anything in between.

When I was on the #59 bus headed towards the Metro at Reisterstown Rd. Plaza to catch the bus here to the coffee shop there was a fairly serious accident at Old Milford Mill Rd. that blocked both lanes towards the city and the left turn lane, leaving the 2 outbound (west) lanes clear. Well the Baltimore County Police, (motto-- 'Integrity-Fairness-SERVICE (?)...), officer tasked with traffic detail at the scene for some strange reason allowed both westbound lanes to keep going while making the eastbound traffic turn into the 7 Mile Market parking lot, telling them to turn around on the lot and head back the opposite direction....even the transit buses, which are usually allowed to continue on if there is room. Now the people on the bus were understandably unhappy with this, as was the driver, there being no streets which the bus could use to bypass the scene......(in various degrees of eloquence, ranging from polite and respectful to vulgar ebonics). The cop basically said "tough shit, not my problem, you'll have to wait until it's clear I guess" (and the paramedics were working on at least one injured person stretched on the was going to be a good while), and walked away when asked by a young elementary school student with his mother;
"Why can't you use those cones I see in the trunk of your cruiser to funnel the traffic into one lane each way, and direct them to drive slow?"
I looked at the back corner of the grocery store parking lot and saw where they had just recently paved (the asphalt was still clean and, a connection from the new 7 Mile lot to the old 7 mile lot. I pointed this out to the bus driver and we started what became a caravan of assorted vehicles across both lots and out to 7 Mile Lane, and left on Reisterstown Rd., back on the route. Problem solved.

Now it's getting really windy and a bit cooler out as it's getting dark, (6:24 pm.).
I'm going to eat something for dinner and another coffee and read my book.
I looks to be a cool, clear, sunny, dry, and at times very windy weekend.....I love the fall..... Depending on what the 'ex' has planned for visiting friends in their 'succahs' this weekend, (the middle or 'chol hamoyed' days of the 'Succos',....(also spelled and pronounced 'Sukkot', but you don't really need to know all about the minor differences in Askenazi and Sephardic Hebrew pronunciations......but if you do, you can probably link from the link below that describes the holiday and it's customs),; I hope to spend some time outdoors with Rachel.

I'll see you tomorrow,


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