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Friday, October 28, 2011

"Damn I Miss The VAIO!..................And...................Cold Weather Sucks!........................And...................Bust A Move............

Good Afternoon;

Well....it's been a couple days since I was last on computer,

I miss the VAIO!

Between running around, the Ice Show, library hours, not being at Jenn's apartment at the same time their laptop is either there or free for use, and not having heard from Erik yet about loking at my laptop......like I said....

I Miss The VAIO!

Okay.....who the hell turned the celestial thermostat down! It was actually COLD last night. For the record.. I am NOT a happy camper! It's not even Halloween yet and there is a possibility of SNOW on Saturday night/Sunday morning, this is turning out to be one really messed up year. Blizzards...Floods...Multiple 100+ Degree Days...Hurricanes...More Flooding..........and now Snow in October?

This is Baltimore, Maryland....NOT California........who's in charge and where do I file a complaint!

So... I left here Tuesday and went to Jenn's to watch the grandmonsters and spent the night. I had a really bad night trying to sleep, between what seems to be increasingly frequent pain and spasms in the area of the gallbladder and straining or pulling a muscle(s) in the same area when I made an ill considered, off balance grab for one of the kittens who was headed into the 'terra incognita'/ 'no mans land' of piled and jumbled boxes and assorted crap under the dining room table. He could of holed up and held out in there for hours!....lol...(ouch, it hurts to laugh).

On Wednesday after I washed clothes and showered I headed over to Starbucks in Mt. Washington about 1:30 pm. to give Jenn some space to continue packing and to wait for Rachel. I met her at the Light Rail stop when she was dropped of at 6:30 pm. by her mother and we took the train down to the First Mariner Arena. we got there about 7:05. pm. and got in side and seated around 7:20 pm.. Our seats were fairly good, at the top of the middle concourse one row from the wall and on the aisle....which was a good thing because one of the seats was bent and twisted with the sides/armrests pushed in towards one another. I ended up standing and leaning against a pillar, on and off, for about half the show because the seat was too narrow and we could not switch seats because she could not see past the heads of the people in front of us from the tighter seat...no big deal though, the seats are not that comfy anyway. The only real annoyance was the idiot father of the little girl next to Rachel, who bough the child a spinning, whirring, BLINKING!, blindingly bright $18.oo (worth $2:00 at the dollar store!) toy. She, and she was younger than Rachel, kept it clutched in her right hand with her finger on the switch/trigger for 90% of the 100 minute show. It was below and to the right of her line of vision and she did not look at it for more than 3 or 4 times the whole damn show. I was able to get Rachel situated so that she was mostly forward of the distractingly bright light from the LED bulbs for most for the show, but the constant whir-clackety-clack in the background had me wanting to grab it and heave it into the audience. Other than that minor annoyance we had a great time. It turned out Tom took devin to the show too, buying his ticket at the box office just before the show.....and getting better seats! When I went down 2 weeks earlier our seats were suppposed to be the best left, and they were not bad seats...but...!

Just another example of why almost everyone hates Ticketmaster and their unfair system.

We did not see Tom and Devin though they could see us, (knowing where to look), with my standing up making it much easier. We took the train back to Mt. Washingon and after her mother picked her up I took the bus back to Jenn's, (missing one by seconds and having to wait 45 minutes for the next one) to spend the night. Which went a bit better, though still not great sleeping.

Thursday I watched Devin while Tom took Ed to school and was out and Jenn had a doctor's appt. After showering I rolled out about 2:30 pm. and went over to the coffee shop.

I left there at 9:00 pm. at close and caught the bus back to the Plaza Metro station to wait for the #59 up to the shed. When I left Jenn's it was warm and humid with a cold front about to pass over, when I got to the coffee shop it had started to rain and cool off, as I waited for the bus 'home' to the shed I ended up standing in the glass walled elevator watching for the bus to come around the corner. I was out of the wind and much warmer, (and the funk from all the ghetto morons who pee in there was lessened by a recent washing and bleaching), it was windy as hell and starting to get colder and I was still wearing the shorts I had on at Jenn's. I had long pants but they were in the shed.

Last night was the first truly cold night since last spring, I wore sweat pants and cinched the sleeping bag tight around the shoulders. My nose got cold a couple times last night, as did my feet, so I took the light blanket I had and threw it over me. It was too short so I ended up alternating covering my self from chest to feet and from head to knees.......lol!

It is time to take the heavy blanket out from under me and wash it, (and the sleeping bag), and create the 'human taco bedroll' again. If it warms back up...which it should...hopefully...I can always just flip it off me and roll it up beside me until needed again.

Well time is almost up and I need to go eat something. Tonight after I leave the coffee shop I'll be stopping at Jenn and getting her keys so I can get into the apartment for one last wash of clothes before they leave...they have to be out by Tuesday...and...to try to compact my belongings even more if I can. I'm going to go through everything while they are out at the memorial service for Tom's cousin.

(If you missed the post..he was found dead in his car from a gunshot wound..[self inflicted]...in West Virginia. It's been one hell of a year for Tom, as relates to losing friends and family.) Monkee said I can store everything there for a couple weeks and Jenn is going to haul it all over for me on Sunday.

I guess I'm done, and I've used up all my allowable computer time here at the library...

Damn I miss the VAIO!

...so I guess I'll be back on Monday the way things look, timewise.


P.S....I cannot figure out why the spacing is getting all f*cked up again....sorry.

And.....may thanks to Rosalie, an old school chum from 45 years ago who stumbled on the blog and just purchased a copy of "Talespinner"...I hope you enjoy it!

Also...Voting for the Mobbies, the Baltimore Sunpapers blog contest starts on the 31st of October, Vote Early and Vote Often, (one a day is allowed), in the Personal category is where you'll find my little

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