Saturday, October 22, 2011

"So Long......................................."

Good Afternoon;

Well....I'm here at the library again. I spent last night at Jenn's watching the kids and crashed on the recliner. Not that I got much sleep, between upstairs blaring his 'Surround Sound' that was made for a much, much larger venue than a 12 x 20 foot poorly constructed and insulated apartment room, and the yowling of Mama Cat after upstairs finally went to sleep about 3:00 am., (and in the interval I fell asleep with lights and TV on for about 15 minutes, waking up when Tom came in the door).

It was about 3:30 am when he finished with lights and the bathroom, and the kitchen and went in the bedroom and I fell asleep until 5:15 am. when I woke up to use the bathroom. I never got further asleep than a doze the rest of the morning until about 10:00 am. Getting up to let the dog out, feed the animals, make coffee, use the bathroom, threaten to strangle the yowling cat......

At 10:00 am. Jenn get up to deal with the cat and Devin was up shortly afterwards, wanting out of the crib and to sit on my lap in the recliner and watch TV.

The thing that kept me awake or kept my mind spinning so that I kept waking up when I did sleep was the news Jenn told me as I walked in the house yesterday;

namely, that Tom's cousin had been found, dead in his car, on the private property of a hunting club in Great Caplan, West Virginia.

Initial reports have been understandably incomplete, but it appears to be a suicide, (and I think it may have been by gunshot, I'm not 100% sure though).

Thanks to all who took the time to go to the link and look at the picture and information posted.

He was suffering from a long term major depression from what I understand, and it got the better of him.

Having damn near been where he ended up, I can relate both to him and the thought and emotions that raged out of control in his mind...and to his family who have my condolences, thoughts , and prayers.

Too many people treat true clinical depression as simple sadness or the blues, and have no compassion, sympathy, or empathy for the victim, or undestanding of the disease. Comments like cheer up, snap out of it, get your shit together, or man up are about as useful as tits on a boar. If it was that f*ckin' easy don't you think we would have done so and that would be the end of it!?

From chemical and electrical imbalances in the brain, to physical trauma, (which can manifest itself days, weeks, months, and years later from the incident), to tumors, to deep emotional scarring in childhood or PTSD...there are many reasons and combinations of reasons for depression....

AND....why treatment can sometime take a long, long time to even show whether it will ahve any effect at all.

Ok ay..times up, closing time....


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Rosalie Kasper Foster said...

so sorry to hear the sad news. I had a bout with depression a number of years ago and sought counseling and finally agreed to use medication. I tried to get help for my dad in his last years of life but doctors would not listen to me. My sympathy to your family.