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Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Psychotics Welcome...........................Please Check All Weapons And Neuroses At The Bedroom Door.................................."

Good Evening;
Well, I'm sitting here in the Starbucks beating on the (s)laptop to get it to boot up. Rachel just left and it was running fine all through the "Bookworm Adventures Deluxe" game up until we hit the end of the 'free play' section and it was buy it or ...'see ya'. I downloaded it from their site thinking it was the same version that was Dell Eric gave me first, (and I think it was on the VAIO also, but this damn memory loss has me forgetting things or remembering them wrong), but it wasn't. Rachel was disappointed because we were about to enter the next 'Book', and has come to enjoy the word play as much as the graphics. I have to look around for somebody who has it on disk.

I had a night of really weird dreams, nightmares, and hallucinations last night for some reason, pretty freaky and not very restful.
I went down to Monkees to pick up the rest of the meds for October, about 10:30 am., I was supposed to go over Jenn's at 1:30 pm. to shower, but between there being too much time to kill and just not feeling like dealing with the grandkids and the underlying tension related to Tom's cousin who is still missing, going on 4 days now.
(And he's not some kid out on a binge, this is a grown family man, possibly dealing with mental health issues and ideations)

I'll be getting picked up here by Jenn tomorrow, Monday, night after her HG meeting and going home with her to spend the night....so I can watch Devin in the morning while she and Tom meet with Edward's teacher at school on Tuesday morning. I'll shower Monday night (and again Tuesday evening before I leave), and do laundry in the morning.

In other news I ran into my friend Kristin and her handsome new baby boy Hudson here today. It is such a joy to see someone you care about grow and blossom into a beautiful young woman and responsible mother.

I don't know if it's just me or anyone else is affected this way, but the breaking of the heat wave of this past summer, and the passing of all the rain, into these cool, clear, clean, crisp, autumn days kicks my libido into overdrive....of course being single and not in a position socially or economically to circulate in the places and among the people I'd normally frequent, I'm on the brink of breaking the cardinal rule of 'recreation romance'....
i.e......."Don't sleep with anyone crazier than yourself".....
Oh well, I've always liked the 'granola girls', and seem to attract them.
What are 'granola girls' you ask......just look at the ingredients;
'Nuts, Fruits, and Flakes'..............lol!

Stay tuned for more looney tunes action........lol.


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