Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Bang A Gong....................Pain, Pain, Go Away..................Survey Says!.....................Who Needs Short Shorts?................"

Good Evening;
So it's only 6:20 pm. and it's all I can do to keep from passing out on the table here at the coffee shop. I am that tired and so damn sore. The sciatic nerve/tumor has been acting up more and more. Now it's at the point where it feels like live wires shorting out down my left leg. At times sudden uncontrollable twitches nearly have me falling out of the chair or if walking, straight to the floor.

Not a lot going on today, I was up and out by 9:30 am. and killed about 90 minutes in the Giant then took the bus down to the stop where the excitement happened last night. The fool's bag of shoes and clothing was still there, though rifled through and scattered about. A woman on her way to work said that when she passed by last night about 10:30 pm. she saw him fighting with 2 undercover cops and then thrown to the ground and cuffed and gagged because he was trying to bite the cops.....LMFAO!!!!! She said that as they were frisking him for weapons he kept spitting at them, until the support post for the shelter rang like a gong, (they are 4 inch schedule 80 pipe), when his head accidentally connected with it 3 or 4 times....sorry I missed the concert....lol!

One of the barristas here, Will, is doing a paper on homeless as a population and I've been forwarding him many of the links I've come across on the subject and the URLs for Baltimore Magazine and Fox 45 and the stories from last year. (can't get the Jewish Times article because the archives are only kept available for free access for 3 months or so.) We are going for a ride and walk through the city sometime in the next week or so, to look at some of the faces and hidey holes, and possibly talk to some folks.

I am about to leave for Monkeys to pick up some of my meds for the next week. I've had to increase the frequency due to the escalating back pain, hip and sciatic pain, and pain in the abdomen from the gall bladder/stones that is so severe on occasion that I've blanked out for a minute when leaning forward while sitting on the floor, (as in reaching for the zipper of the sleeping bag), or standing and reaching just a bit too far forward or down...then I'm picking my self up off the floor as the world reels around me and there is a roaring in my ears and spinning and flashing lights behind my eyes..like a huge OD...and not the 'good kind' of head rush either.

I need to scare up a regular place to shower again, and I really, really need to get some jockey shorts (briefs or boxer-briefs, size 2XXL, preferably the dark colored HANES 'Comfort Waistband' in sets of 5 Santa....if you're reading this.....lol!), This is the first time I've ever actually WANTED underwear as a gift......considering the copious unwanted amounts I received as a kid from my grandmother.....lol!

Okay, pack up time and fun with the buses....


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