Sunday, November 20, 2011

"It Only Hurts When I Breathe................"

Good Afternoon;

Well....another rough night sleeping, or not sleeping actually. It wasn't the temperature, it was nice in the sleeping bag. It was a problem with my joints and serious cramping and muscle spasms. I took my meds at their proper dosages but they did not help so I gradually increased then waited a reasonable time to see if they would take effect. By the time I got to where the meds were making a difference, it was at a point where the "do not drive, operate heavy machinery....etc." warning was more than just a cautionary statement. I went out hard, and stayed out until 1:30 pm. this afternoon. I felt as if I was fighting my way through a room full of Jello as I went from sleep to consciousness when I heard the phone ring. I tried to pick it up but my fingers felt like sausages and both hands and arms were numb and I physically could not grasp the phone or hit the keys. Then the pins and needles sensation hit and my muscles turned to pudding for about 10 minutes. I still cannot make a fist without feeling as if my hands are swollen, and if I squeeze to hard there is pain.

The rest of my muscles and joints, (and my head), feel as if I've been out playing 'Crash Test Dummy' with the guys from "Jackass"...while doing shots of Jaegermeister and snorting ground glass and gunpowder.

It hurts my EYES when I breathe through my nose, it's like all the misery of of a big time coke binge.....with none of the "benefits", {and for the couple people who keep on writing and preaching about the evils of drug abuse,,,,NO SH*T!!!,,,,that is satirical!........duhhhhhhhh!}

Anyway, I obviously did not get up this morning to hit the corner to sell some candy bars, and it's 20 minutes until 4:00 pm. now, so it will be dark soon, and Sunday nights are bad for things like this. I'll try again tomorrow morning, before I take the Light Rail to Hunt Valley to meet Jenn. She is picking me up and I am watching the kids, (and doing laundry and bathing.....yay!!!!), while she and Tom, (and maybe his Mom), go to her Home Group for her 8 year Anniversary...(Way To Go Jenn!!!!).
Tuesday I don't know what time I'll get back from Monkton, so Wednesday morning is doctor day, and I hope I can get a rapid referral to the neurology people.

Now I have to go to Giant to wash up, get some coffee and some bread for a sandwich, and drop off another prescription for refill.

I may head over to the coffee shop, just to get out of here, if I can catch the next bus....after that the timing is such that shortly after I got there it would be closing time, so if I miss the 4:31 pm. bus I may as well stay here.


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