Friday, November 18, 2011

"Shimmy Shimmy Koko Bop........Ache, Rattle & Roll........Shake Yer Booty..................."

Good Afternoon;
Well last night I hit the bed and passed out about 10:30 pm., slept until 5:30 am. when I awoke from a nightmare I cannot fully recall, soaked in sweat and freezing, and my left shoulder locked up in arthritic agony. When I was able to get myself to a sitting position I could not move my arm at the shoulder, and the elbow was nearly as bad. I grabbed hold of the framework of the shed and let myself lean backwards until it 'locked' and then just fell backwards to the floor.

How to describe the sensations...hmmm.....

Imagine pulling an old rusty nail from a piece of oak, slowly adding more tension on the claw hammer as it pulls the nail bit by bit until it reaches a point where a sharp jerk is necessary, then the nail comes free all at once with a 'POP'. Now morph that to your shoulder and at the 'POP' stab yourself in the shoulder with an ice pick and have an orgasm at the same time, while someone raps you on the raps you on the head just hard enough to make you see stars.
WOW!!!!!!!! Pain...What a rush!
After that thrill ride, I went and peed and took my morning meds and passed back out until 7:45 am., groaned, rolled over, pulling the bag and blanket up over my head...(it was COLD! this morning)...falling back asleep until 10:45 am. when I got up, packed up and went to the Giant for coffee and a wash. I then came here to the coffee shop with it's single occupancy...(well for their intended and locked myself in and stripped down 'butterball nekkid' and tried to rinse off as much of the funk as possible and changed into all new fresh clothes. I think if I can find the right time/place to lock myself in for time ehough to scrub my feet and trim at least some of my nasty ass toenails, I'll be okay until Monday afternoon when I'm getting picked up at the Hunt Valley Light Rail stop and taken back to Monkton to their new apartment to watch the kids so she and Tom can go to her anniversary celebration meeting at her Home Group. I'll be able to shower and wash and spend the night there.

I've got to get out tomorrow and Sunday and try to make some cash by selling these candy bars out on the corner. I've still got to make up the sign and I've been putting it off. Between the rain and just feeling run down I've not felt like it at all.
I was going to do it here today, (make the signs), and take the train down to North Ave. but I keep having these weird involuntary muscle twitches/spasms. Either my hand will twitch and freeze and I end up with a whole line of uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu unintended letters on the page, and imagine how it would look if I was using a magic marker to write! Or.. my whole body gives a single violent spasm then a few lesser twitches and I look like a Parkinson's sufferer.....on crack!!! I've already knocked over a coffee and then a cup of ice, and damn near ripped my lip off as I was eating a sandwich, (the jagged edges of the broken front teeth sometimes catch the skin of the inside of the lip......ow...ow...ow..!!)
I've had an occasional slight twitch/spasm for years, but never this frequent or violent.
BACK to the nuerologist...again.
(I ought to get a camera to mount on the screen of the laptop, facing me, and leave it on....."Close Encounters Of The Silverware Kind", or "Adventures In Hot Soup" should bring a couple bucks from 'America's Funniest Home Videos'....ya think?!)

Thanksgiving is now less than a week away, as I am being reminded over and over with questions and comments about what I'm doing and whether I'm going to one of the "Holiday Charity Feasts", but no invitations....
So...I have no idea what I am doing, if anything.......and......Hell NO I'd rather be getting a (much needed) root canal done with no anesthetic while being repeatedly kicked in the testicles as a wolverine gnaws at my entrails! Push comes to shove...

(just went to the little boys room, and had one of single, large spasms.......ooops
time for another handful of Flexeril.....better late than

...Starbucks is open until 4:00 pm.....and after that...
(well I know I can scrape up enough for a bottle of "Wild Turkey" for my Thanksgiving meal....with a corn bread & muscle relaxer dressing! and pain killer giblet gravy..........yummmmm.)

Okay, done for now.....

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