Friday, November 4, 2011

"Catch Up...........Caught Up..........."

Good Afternoon;

Well I'm at the library again waiting for a phone call as to when I can go pickup my meds. Because of the differing frequencies of usage and need the cycle of refills has gotten way out of whack again.

Yesterday was the day Jenn's apartment was finally emptied out and after he had dropped me here, Tom was going back to clean it up just enough so that a cleaning fee was not subtracted from his security deposit. I spent the night back in the shed last night, falling asleep around 11:30 pm. and waking once around 3:30 am. to go to the bathroom and falling right back asleep until 7:45 am.......when a series of texts from Jenn arrived telling me of her fun times trying to get the yowling cat out of the drop ceiling an hour before dawn......I guess that she figured if she could not sleep.....why should I get to do so......LOL! After the last text rang through I turned the phone off and slept until 9:45 am. when I called the pharmacy and Monkee, then dozed for a few minutes...which turned out to be about 120 of I caught up on all the sleep I did not get while at Jenn's since Saturday night on the recliner and Sun., Mon., Tues., & Wed., on the box spring with various packing materials as padding. It actually felt good to lay down on my cardboard "perfect Sleeper" mattress in the shed. The periods of sleep were both comfortable and solid. Strange I know, but even a regular bed feels weird now.

Time is short here again, it's crowded and the waiting line is long so I have to cut this short again today. But I want to mention a 'new face' on the street here in Pikesville. Another homeless guy has been residing here for the past couple weeks. He has been sleeping on the benches here at the library, at the bus shelter, and by Staples......(and in violation of library rules here in the chairs at the library)......with his leg up on his upright rolling suitcase and his arm around his other bag(s). Last week as I was signing in on the computer here he was on the computer next to the sign in station where I was. He jumped up and turned the computer 90 degrees so I would not be able to see the screen and started glaring at me. I laughed and said "Don't worry I've got no interest in what you're looking at" and he flipped me the bird while staring and scowling at the screen. Of course this caused me to laugh even louder and harder, so without removing the headphones and with his arms entangled in the cord, he flipped me the bird with BOTH hands!!......LOL! At this point my computer came up and I walked away trying not to laugh too loud and get 'shushed' by the staff.

He has some obvious paranoia and anger issues, because I'm not the only person he has acted or reacted to in this way. Outside on the street, while smoking cigarettes and talking to himself(?) he presents the image of one the typical types of homeless person, today asking everyone if it was Thursday, and being told no it's Friday, would flake out and argue and go ask someone else. I tried to engage him in conversation, but got only glares and snarls in return.

I also ran into 'Mike', (whose real name, I think, is Leon), on the bus one evening last week. He tries to act like I was the one MIA by saying "Where you been, I was asking everybody about you, and no one had seen you?" which of course is bullsh*t, because the people he said he asked have not seen him in months either. From the look of him and the color and pallor and fullness of his face and the bit of weight he has put on, I'd wager he was locked up again.

Okay, another 20 minutes was added to my time here, so I'm not as rushed.

Damn I miss the VAIO, I'll have to leave Erik another message and hope he calls back. Unless anyone has a Windows XP setup disk I can try?

The past week was basically, as I stated yesterday, a Clusterf*ck! The whole moving out fiasco only highlighted the issues Jenn is dealing with, (and not dealing with also), with husband and children. I ended up hurting myself helping Tom unload the truck on Sunday night, which was not supposed to happen, but his one friend left after 2 hours, and the other one showed up drunk out of his head...again!..(just like when he did when we emptied out the basement at his mom's house.) [Being attacked by the Mama cat out of the blue was no joy either.]

But what was I to's my daughter and grand kids?

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I spent all day and most of the night packing stuff up, mostly on my own because Devin was sick and Jenn was stuck up at the house with her most of the day, stopping by only to take a load of boxes, and the dog and cats one trip, up to the house. Because I could work at my own pace and do things in a 'rational disorder' revolving around NOT going over my pain threshold, more things got done than when I had 'help'. I would not be of use to a moving company, but it got done.

Yesterday when I left here I stopped at Rachel's with a big old bag of toys and puzzles, and arts and crafts toys, plus a bunch of 'happy meal toy' type things and PEZ character dispensers. Some was unopened stuff Jenn had that was of no interest to the kids, or too old for Devin, or too 'girly' for Ed. Some was stuff I had accumulated but not delivered. We had a great hour and a half opening and looking at everything before I caught the bus down the hill to the coffee shop and we are going to do something this weekend. We were going to the really cheap early movie, ($10.00 for the both of us!), but the family car blew a clutch and there is no way that we are taking the bus for that screening, I'd have to start traveling at some ridiculously early hour to get to her house and then because of the weekend schedules we would have 3 hours of waiting and riding, we'll wait until the car is fixed and do something else.

Okay, now this is just me commenting on some observations and situations I have recently come across, one funny, one outrageous. (And screw PC!)

So I've been watching this comedy of errors here at the library all afternoon where this 30-something guy who is signing on with his brand new library card is having one hell of a time getting the computer to do what he wants it to and to print the portions and pages of a document...he is just lost and the library lady had been back and forth a dozen times.

The ironically humorous part of all this is watching a young Asian guy with absolutely NO computer skills at all!

A reverse!

The other thing is a situation that is somewhat upsetting. A young orthodox Jewish boy, (15), from a family actively centered in the community is currently under house arrest and wearing a 'box' on his ankle because of an accident that occurred when a group of friends were horsing around at one of their homes. They were squirting and throwing water on one another and a tussle occurred between two boys, one of them fell and somehow cut his neck requiring 32 sutures.

Now...everyone, including the parents of the injured boy, agrees this was an accident, but the ambulance company that some of the Orthodox Jews use, Hatzala, a private Jewish organization that understands and follows the laws and restrictions the Orthodox are bound by and try to follow, was also bound by City law to call the police due to the nature of the injury.....(and of which No One can find the object which the boy cut himself on in falling), and because the other boy had a broken pocket knife in his pocket, (on private property, and which all parties agree was NOT out of his pocket at the time of the injury nor the cause of it in any way), he was arrested and taken to Baltimore City 's Juvenile Detention Center, where he spent the night before being released, (grudgingly!), NOT to his father's or mother's custody, or his own recognizance, but to home detention and home the middle of the Jewish holiday known as Succot, where observant Jews follow the commandments to eat and in some cases sleep

in the temporary shelters or 'booths'--Succahs, their own and friend's, family, & neighbor's. Of course this is outside the range of the device and he must get permission to move about, notifying his probation officer each time...(who was totally lost when the precepts of the holiday were explained).

Now...high bails and things such as these monitors are supposed to be used for flight risks and dangers to the public, not someone within an insular community that monitors it's own, and who would be basically clueless of how to live as a fugitive.

Gotta go


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