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Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Sunday Morning Mellow............................"

Good Afternoon;

So last night was pretty cold, near freezing and too damn early!

My 'hot pocket' worked like a charm. When I finally lay down to sleep after watching TV on the portable digital, around 3:30 am. (4:30 DST), I went to sleep until about 7:30 am., when nature called. Having no reason to be up so early on a Sunday morning, I went back to sleep until about 9:00 am. With the library not opening until 1:00 pm. and nowhere else to go, I just read and dozed and stayed warm in the sleeping bag until the sun warmed up the shed a bit, getting up at 11:00 am. and heading over to the Giant to wash up and grab some coffee.

Time is up here and I'm heading out to the buses and over to the coffee shop.

Still waiting on a copy of Windows XP setup disk for the laptop....

Damn I miss the VAIO!


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