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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"For Whom The Sun Also Rises While The Bell Tolls A Farewell To Arms For The Old Man And The Sea To Have And Have Not Upon The Snows Of Kilimanjaro?"

Good Morning;

Well I'm about to head for the buses and stop at the coffee shop and Whole Foods until Rachel and her mother get home. I'm going over for lunch, a shower, and then a play date with Rachel this afternoon. I asked Rachel what she wanted me to get for a little bit of a special lunch and she spoke right up and ordered Sushi and sashimi, specifically the tuna and salmon plate we have gotten from the Sushi chefs at Whole Foods before. It's my monthly splurge on her, and since I won't have the cash this month, (or next), it looks like the food credits are going to have to suffice.

As I was leaving here yesterday I heard my name called and it turned out to be my son-in-law Tom across the street in the truck. He gave me a ride to the Starbucks, with a detour past the old apartment to check on the mailbox...which had mail in it, even after the 'change of address' order Jenn had submitted, (online....maybe that is not as efficient as the simple paper slip that is left with the mail carrier?), for both of us.

I never saw Erik yesterday, but if he was out on his cycle I don't blame him....it was an awesome day to be riding. I'm about to call him and see if he is home/up and if I can drop off the laptop on my way past to the bus.

Weird dreams again last night, and broken sleep patterns.

Ernest Hemingway loomed large in quite a few sequences, which is strange because I have not read or seen any movies by or about him in years.

Anyway, gotta run, more tomorrow.


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