Saturday, November 26, 2011

"One More Saturday Night......................"

Good Evening;
Well......insomnia strikes again, and falling asleep at 6:20 am. can really screw with assorted plans, schedules, and 'wanna dos'.
I woke up thinking it was about 10:00 am. and it was after 2:00 pm., so it ended up being another lazy day Saturday in the shed. It was too late to hit the corner, and like yesterday, I just wasn't in the mood to go to the coffee shop. With no money to go anywhere or do anything over a holiday weekend, like many other folks, I'm just kicking back.

Now tomorrow, Sunday, I really do have to get up and get out, by 9:00 am. if things go well, and sell some chocolate bars. I also picked up a few bags of Brachs Candy Corn at $0.16 each, and I've got about a dollars worth of change if any other Halloween candy is on sale for a quarter or

I went over to the Giant about 5:30 pm. to wash up and make some coffee, and grab some mayonnaise from my buddy Dave who is one of the cooks in the prepared foods department. After that I went over to Quiznos and got the 2 'Bullets' for $5.50 sub deal and put John Ford's "The Searchers" starring John Wayne and featuring Natalie Wood on the DVD drive on the laptop while I ate.

After talking with Rachel on the phone and making tentative plans for a late lunch or dinner Sunday it was back to the movie until the 11:00 pm. news and SNL, and now I'm watching "The Unit" on the portable digital TV.

My toes are starting to get cold so it's into the bag and ready to get some sleep as soon as the show ends......or maybe as soon as I run over to the gas station to use the bathroom..........


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