Saturday, November 5, 2011

"This and That................"

Good Afternoon;

Just a few useless tidbits that I've noticed,

we have now had over 19,050 visitors to the blog,

Thank you all very much.

The Mobbies are until the 10th of November.

the fairly recent post/link about the 2 kids and the tablecloth trick,

( tablecloth trick...if Googled...HomeLessCide is the 3rd!), is the most often randomly found referral to the!

an observation--the (aggressive) homeless guy I mentioned the other day who sleeps in the library just got into an argument with Chester the security guard here at the library, (who is probably the most laid back man I've ever met and a hell of nice guy who is almost impossible to rile), I see him either being locked up or run out of the area soon.

I really miss the mobility and flexibility of the VAIO.

I may have someone with a Windows XP setup disk meeting me

at the coffeeshop today to try the 'R' key repair option.

That's it for now, it's 3:29 pm.

time for


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