Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Slapstick Chopsticks............................. &......................................... Laptop Lottery ............................"

Good Evening;
Well I'm sitting in the shed again with a laptop!
I went over Rachel's with her requested Sushi for lunch today and Little Debbie Zebra Cakes for dessert, and her royal highness was quite pleased. Determined to use her chopsticks, even if it took both hands at times and 'pre-placing' the maki roll between them, she had a blast, about half way through lunch the 'ex' asked her why she wasn't using the 'chopstick clip', a piece of plastic that clips on each stick about halfway down and holds them properly aligned and also adds some 'spring' to them, tensioning them for the beginner, well then she just went to town with Afterwards we just spent some 'quality time' hanging out. She showed me her stories she has been writing for school, and we watched some TV and played on her big sisters laptop for a while. We also went out on the balcony with a handful of 'Snappers' or 'Poppers' as they are variously known, and tossed them off at the pavement and the walls and by each other's feet.....just for kicks.
I was able to shower and feel much more human, the 'helmet baths' get old quick, at least it has not been hot.

As I was leaving I was telling the 'ex' the (s)laptop saga and she told me I could have her old laptop, which she had inherited from her mother's business a few years ago. She said that it kept freezing up and then shutting down, at intervals of 2 hours sometimes....and 10 minutes at others. I thought that it may be useful as a 'parts car' to be scavenged to use in the VAIO. I took it down to the coffee shop when I left and plugged it in and other than running slow as molasses because there were 70 (Seventy)! updates to Windows that needed to be downloaded and installed it seems okay. And now that the updates are for a bit done and I've downloaded Google Chrome and found my's doing well. I just may hang onto this one for a bit and see what happens. I've got to uninstall and delete a lot of her stuff that I have no use for, so that may help some. (She said she had everything she needed off of it, but there is still quite a bit to snoop through, and of course the list of sites visited is still extant.........(though I'm not going to share it with you all......unless blackmail is called for at some future time.......LOL!.....kinky, kinky!........[the computers I had when we were together, were not all that different.......but they are long gone and physically destroyed....along with MY incriminating evidence.......LOL!]..........just kidding around here if someone brings this to your attention 'Y.' ;-) {as you can tell, loyal readers....she and I are on pretty friendly terms, [most of the time], which can be attributed to Rachel, who is such a joyful link, and the fact that at my worst and highest levels of being an asshole........even people who DON'T like me will agree that I don't even come within miles of the 'piece of work' that was my predecessor!}...

Anyway, on Thursday I've got to figure out the best, cheapest, and easiest way to do a load of clothes. I turns out the 'great underwear drought of 2011' has struck, I'm down to 3 pair of Jockey shorts, 2 pair giving up the ghost together in the last load I did at Jenn's old apartment, and I still have the laundry card and laundry room key for there. At $1.95 @ for a wash and dry, it's still the cheapest deal around......unless I find someone to visit and wash at their house.

Well I'm going to try to get a full nights sleep, free of dreams, nightmares, or hallucinations, and straight through for at least 5 hours in a row.


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