Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Cryogenic Slumber........Star(bucks) Search.............Hidden Messages...........&......Love in The Time Of Cranberry Sauce..........."

Good Evening;
Well I went to sleep last night about 2:00 am. woke once before it was light to pee and take morning meds and crawled back into the sleeping bag quick as I could because it was freakin' cold!, it was below freezing according to TWC's Pikesville reporting station, 28 degrees!
I was warm all over except for the damn right foot, which stayed cold most of the night and all morning. I fell back into a dead solid sleep until almost Noon. The "sleep of the 'Just'...(or the 'Damned'?)".
After stopping in the Giant for bread and the restroom, and the library for a few free DVDs to see if the DVD player works in this laptop....(it does...yay!), I caught the bus(es) over here to the Starbucks, arriving about 3:00 pm.

It seems as if there has been some people coming in here and looking for me. The other day Kinsey one of the barristas mentioned a woman coming in looking for the 'Dave who writes the blog' saying that her son wanted to talk to me in reference to the book her son is writing about Starbucks, and today before I got here it appears the son and a friend were in her looking to. He said to Donte, one of the shift supervisors, that we had spoken before, that he had read some of the blog and found it interesting but that he could not remember the exact title to be able to search for it again. I had Donte write down the URL and asked him to relay the information that I could be reached by the e-mail address in the heading/intro area, and to include some reference to HomeLessCide in the Subject box so it would not get lost in the junk mail folder, as I have my filter set pretty high.
I asked Donte if the looked like cops, irate father's or husbands, or 'revenooers' he said 'no'
More news as it develops.

Okay, now this is going to be just like the BBC broadcasting to the resistance in WWII,!....,with personal messages in the body of the news and commentary.
(Only not in code, although it may look like it a

Visa....have not seen you for forever......., or at least a few weeks, is all well?
Or have you and the future Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer come
to terms with solo driving?
Porche', if it's you reading this, pass it on to your Mom!
And stop in one afternoon or evening before or after practice and say Hello.
If I don't see either of you before the holiday...
Happy Thanksgiving!
(And know that I'm truly grateful for your friendship and your generosity)

And speaking of friends I was in the Whole Foods yesterday evening pigging out on the 'Taste Treat Thursday' munchies, which this week was over the top with a buffet setup for sampling the items on the Prepared Foods department's Thanksgiving menu, 2 kinds of turkey, 2 kinds of stuffing, corn pudding, roasted seasonal veggies, gravy, cranberry relish, all in a serving line....then scattered about the store were half a dozen other individual sampling stations, hot and cold, showcasing other departments!...
As I was trying some sort of gourmet, organic hard salami/ dry sausage,
(@$14.99 for about 6 oz.!!!!! the only way I'm gonna try it is for!)
I see this gamin faced little person, who looked very familiar, slip past a pair of legs into the adjacent aisle. I followed the legs up the body to the face,
(an altogether enjoyable leisurely! ),
and I see it's my Professor friend from MICA, Michelle, and her daughter Remy.
After effusive greetings and heartfelt hugs she tells me that she had stopped in the coffee shop a few times and I wasn't there. It turns out, after comparing notes on time and date, that those were the times I was over Jenn's, either helping with the move, or beforetimes, monstersitting. We made loose plans to meet over the next couple of weeks, and when school is out. I asked how teaching was going this year, knowing she had dropped all of the chairs and administrative posts. She told me she was on sabbatical also and spending loads of time in the studio, creating and painting. I could tell that it was quite a relief and a joy to get back to making art instead of lecturing and teaching and all the bureaucratic academic crap she had ended up accumulating as tenure and seniority accrued.
She went from looking wonderful to awesome, and the light and lightness showed in everything from her carriage to her voice, and especially her eyes and her smile......sighhhhhh.
(Slap, slap. slap,.....spashhhhh.......brrrrr, OH!!! THAT WATER IS COLD!!)
Okay....sorry about that.............I'm back..........LMAO!!!)'s almost closing time here, gotta pack up.


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