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Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Rain, Sinus Pain, Brain Drain............."

Good Evening;
So I made it to the coffee shop today, barely.
Mainly because the reading area chairs at the library are hell on my back, and worse when one falls asleep in them. I stopped in there to pick up a book on hold for me and to finish the last 10 pages of the book I was reading and drop it off, (hardbacks get heavy). It took me 4 hours to read 10 pages, and I must of dropped the book 50 times.
I only came here because I needed a place to eat and where I could get a free coffee, (current liquid assets=$1.67), and make and eat my sandwich.
I'm heading back to the shed and the raggedy assed but warm and cozy sleeping bag early tonight. It's supposed to be cold too....great.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I only left the shed to go to the Giant and the Quizno's, in between the downpours. I spent a great deal of time resetting and relocating the 'drip guides' in the shed, after one shifted, soaking my foot while I slept.
It was just warm enough most of yesterday that when I kept dozing off either on or in the sleeping bag that I did not wake up sweating or freezing.
And sleep I did, I felt exhausted in body and soul. The problem was the strange times and durations of sleep/awake time, and having plugged the little portable TV in to 'catch the 11:00 pm. news' may have been poor judgement, or should I say flipping to Ch. 24 to watch 'a minute' of "The Office"...... The rest of the night and morning followed the same pattern....wide awake at ungodly hours, read a bit and fall asleep in the book, wake up turn out the light, sleep for an hour......repeat, repeat, repeat. Other than checking the weather I was not on the computer at all.

I must have been in the preliminary stages of whatever the bacterial/viral beastie that has taken up residence in my sinuses has introduced into my system. Right now it feels like some sort of neo-hippie, Afro-Cuban drum circle has partnered with a Japanese Shinto Temple Gong and Drum orchestra for a live free-form jam concert in the echo chamber that used to be my skull.
Caffeine, Ibuprofen horse pills, & the evening 1/4 pill dose of bupe have muted and mellowed the cacophony to the extent that my eyeballs have stopped bulging outwards with every surge of blood from my heartbeat.
I'm still reading and re-typing every sentence 3 or 4 times though, and my CRS is working overtime.

Alright, I'm leaving here early so I can go and lie down and wrap up.
What I would/wouldn't do for a long hot shower right now....

{Have Soap-Will Travel!......}
{Anybody who can make this happen.....call me please}
{Solo or as part of a:...'You scrub my back-I'll scrub yours' deal}

On a happier note I ran into Michelle and her daughter Remy and little friend Nate her at the Starbucks this afternoon.

Okay, now Blogger is telling me it can't save this...aaahhhrrggghhh!


I'm just gonna hit "publish post", and sign off......so you my be reading this..????

Now it won't publish......can't deal with this friggin' crap right now!

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