Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Hot And Toasty..........Yummmmm ...........And..........Bus Stop Butthead..........."

Good Morning;
Well I'm in the shed and the FedEx/Kinkos AT&T WiFi is acting goofy so this may be a short post, (and First Watch Cafe is not doing any better).

The insomnia finally faded out at 6:30 am. and I fell asleep, hard asleep for 2 hours. Then I ended up sleeping in fits and starts until 10:50 am. being woken up every 10-15 minutes while, for some reason, a multitude of cars and trucks passed through, stopped and sat with engines, radios, & horns echoing off the canyon like walls which surround the shed. When I at last got up, unable to pretend I was going to get back to sleep at all for any length of time a truck and a car pulled in the lot and people got out and wandered around the building talking. I heard mention of gutters and down spouts and figured it to be the owner/engineer and the roofer. The car eventually started up and pulled off as I was getting dressed and packing up, and when I peeped out one of the holes in the side I saw it was the red truck from Harview Roofers. When I slid out of the shed with my bags and the trash I saw no one in sight, or on the roof. The guy must have been inside .

I walked over to the Giant for coffee, to use the bathroom, and food, and as I was standing on the sidewalk outside I saw the red truck pull out of the shed lot and the guy looking all around, when he sighted me he drove over and pulled up next to me and said hello. He then told me he had left some coupons for Quizno's sub & sandwich shop in the shed for me, slipped in under the door. I thanked him and expressed my surprise and appreciation, our having met only once for scant minute and exchanged maybe a dozen words. He pulled off and I went into the food store and went about my business, and then puttered about the store for an hour.

When I came outside at last I did not feel like dealing with the chain and lock and the door just for a couple coupons so I went to the bus stop and headed over to the Starbucks. After a typical day there, including dozing off and face planting on the keyboard...lol.
After closing up at 9:00 pm. and taking the buses back to Pikesville,...... and having to deal with an aggressive, ignorant, mannerless, half drunk, spitting all over the place, no home training, pants belted around his thighs, ass hanging out, just got out of jail, (literally-he had his clear plastic garbage bag with his clothes and shoes and paperwork inside), dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks, thug wannabe, ghetto moron who thought he was going to intimidate the old [and only] white guy on the corner across from Reisterstown Road Plaza......and wasn't he surprised when instead of cringing or backing up...I walked forward into his personal space, crowding HIM up against the wall of the bus shelter my face inches from his, R. Lee Ermey D.I. style, and my little black penlight flashlight pushed up against his throat, (just hard enough so that it would leave a circular ring shaped mark on his comparatively light skin for a couple hours.....[an idea I stole from the guy who robbed me at a phone booth on Liberty Rd., back in the late '80s].....just about the same size and more importantly, 'feel', as a .45 caliber ACP barrel), as I told him in no uncertain terms that I was not in the mood for his petty-ass bullsh*t and if he wanted to live long enough to die in prison he better "LEAVE ME THE F*CK ALONE".....and then stepped back, slipping my right hand into the pocket of my hoodie, and with my left hand, flinging the cheap and gaudy piece of crap, $10.00, gas station mini mart, more dangerous to the user, still closed, folding knife to the curb, where it broke into half a dozen useless pieces. That were immediately run over and shattered even more by an out of service bus, and which caused the blade to bend and conform to the curve of the tire as the point penetrated slightly into the thick tread, molding and becoming one with the tire with every revolution as it click-clicked it's way up the road.
At this time my bus pulled up and I got on, leaving the waste of oxygen and his bag of shoes behind. There is a woman from the 'Islands' I see most nights on at least one of the regular buses I take who was at the stop last night to witness the whole affair, laughing her head off, as was I, at the fiasco. And she knew how the incident started because like me, she at first thought the bag belonged to the man with 2 small children who was asking the driver questions about the route, and that he had forgotten it in the commotion of getting the toddlers seated and paying his fare, etc.
I mean he was sitting right next to the bag which was inside the shelter on the bench, (taking up 2 seats), and the ignorant f*ckstick was standing outside away from the shelter, and who mumbled something unintelligible, when I asked if it was his bag at the beginning.

So, I 'm on the bus with a bunch of regulars, and Bruce the Town Drunk of Pikesville, who comes up and spews his booze breath in my face, looking, (and smelling), as if he rolled in a grease pit, then took a dust bath, and just for kicks...crapped in his pants.....I couldn't get enough windows open quick enough! He stumbled off the stop before I did, and as Daniel and I stood up to leave we could hear everyone let out their breath which they had been holding and gasp for oxygen.......lol!

After stopping in the Giant for a light bulb I unloaded at the shed and saw a piece of paper receipt tape wrapped around something. To my great surprise and delight it was a Quizno's gift card and the receipt for a $50.00! (Fifty!) loading ! WOW! Now I'm really grateful, thankful, and appreciative. I am hoping to see the man from Harview later this morning and let him know what a blessing this is. Then....I'm going to eat a sandwich that someone else made for a change!! I've also got somewhere different to take Rachel out to lunch this week.

Anyway, I'm getting tired and am going to sleep.


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