Saturday, November 12, 2011

"A Least Expected Lease Extension Leading Up To March Madness...................."

Good Morning;
Well it's 1:00 am. and I'm here in the shed and about to wrap up in the sleeping bag and 'foot pocket' and get some sleep. It's a cold night but the temps are supposed to rise to 58 degrees tomorrow in the low 60s through the weekend and near 70 early next week, (though a bit of rain is forecast then also).

I'll be back tomorrow, (, with more detail, but I just want to mention the encounter I had with the new owner and project engineer of the property this morning.

For some reason there had been a lot of unrelated foot and vehicle traffic on and through the parking lots on both sides of the shed this morning. After getting up and peeking out at each incident I figured I'd just get up and out early and take off. I had scripts to pick up at RiteAid and food to get at Giant anyway, as well as laundry that would walk itself to the laundry room at Jenn's old apartment on it's own, that must be washed today.

After looking out through various holes and cracks and seeing no one in sight I got all my bags ready to go and took off and down the assorted telltales and locking devices, and unhooked the chain through the wall and door and opened the door and stepped out.
So....right in the 'blind spot' was a roofing company truck and another car.....Grrrreeaatttt!.....but at least they were empty, the people were in the office building.
I quickly piled everything, (of course today I had extra baggage and trash to carry, under the carport out of direct line of sight. I then rapidly threaded the chain through the holes and began trying to find the right links to slip the shackle of the lock through, most being just that little bit too small due to the weld that seals the link. BUT,...not rapidly enough. Out of the side door right next to me walk the roofer and a little Korean guy. They must have been by there at a previous time and see the lock and chain on the door, because he asks me if I'm the one with access to the shed. Well, I told him I'd been staying in there and by doing so had helped to keep the local crackheads from coming back and using it. I said that I wasn't using any candles or flames, and I wasn't drinking etc. in there. He told me that 'they'...(?)...had just bought the building and he was the engineer for the remodel. He said they were going to demolish the shed, but not until March and told to just stay n there until then, and continue to keep an eye on the place. He asked how to contact me, looking at the lock and chain if they needed to access the shed, and said something about "just coming by this time of the morning?" I pulled out my cell phone and gave him my first name & phone number. I thanked him and expressed my gratitude for letting me to continue to stay here, and took off for the Giant, as it was cold and windy and my hands were starting to really hurt from the cold........just like NOW!...OUCH!

See you in the daylight,

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